Expelled twerking nurses say continued sharing of video making them feel suicidal

Some student nurses who were expelled from Chilonga Nursing School after a video showing them twerking in the out-patient department at Chilonga Mission Hospital say the continued posting of the recording by some people on social media is making them feel like committing suicide.

They said while they were remorseful for their actions, they were going through a lot at the moment and that if pressure was put on them, they could even commit suicide.

“Do you want us all to commit suicide for you to know that we are hurt?

We don’t want to see this story in your paper because people are already commenting negatively on social media.

We are tired of seeing this story on social media. Our families are affected and involved.

Each time we see the video, it is making us cry and hurt,” one of the students said. The students have regretted their action and have appealed for forgiveness.

  • Zambia Daily Mail


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