SOLICITOR General Marshal Muchende, SC

EXPLAIN YOUR SILENCE ON MUCHENDE, TIZ CHALLENGES HICHILEMA, ACC … the apparent change in stance raises concerns about the consistency and sincerity of promises made

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has demanded for clarity, telling President Hakainde Hichilema and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to provide a comprehensive explanation over their silence on Solicitor General Marshal Muchende.

Responding to Daily Revelation over information disclosed to Daily Revelation by impeccable State House sources that the ACC has placed a restriction order on the house belonging to Muchende over allegations that he received US$500,000 for a named former liquidator, TIZ argued that the silence flies in the face of President Hichilema’s claims that he would ask public officials to step aside if they were being investigated, and that the decision by ACC to remain ambiguous fuels growing speculation that there exists politicial interference in its decision.

“In response to recent developments involving the Anti-Corruption Commission’s decision not to provide clear information regarding allegations against the Solicitor General and the existence of a restriction notice on his property, concerns are growing over the lack of transparency and accountability within the legal and political systems,” TIZ executive director Maurice Nyambe argued. “The allegation that the Anti-Corruption Commission has opted to remain ambiguous about ongoing investigations raises questions about the effectiveness of its mission to combat corruption. This further fuels the growing speculation that there exists political interference in its decision, or lack thereof, around such investigations involving officers serving in Government.”

TIZ stressed that… dailyrevelationzambia.com


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