Exposing Political Opportunism against President Hichilema’s Symbolic Toilet Launch and the Fight Against Misinformation


Exposing Political Opportunism against President Hichilema’s Symbolic Toilet Launch and the Fight Against Misinformation

By Catharine Mulaisho

In the aftermath of President Hakainde Hichilema’s symbolic inauguration of a toilet, the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) has shamelessly attempted to exploit the event for political mileage.

However, amidst these cynical maneuvers, it’s crucial to refocus on the core responsibility of governance: delivering tangible benefits to the people.

The President’s symbolic act must be understood within the broader context of government’s duty to provide essential services to citizens.

While it’s impractical for the President to personally launch and inspect every toilet constructed, his symbolic gesture to launch one toilet among the thousand constructed underscores the government’s commitment to improving water sanitation and hygiene facilities across the nation.

The recent cholera epidemic, which claimed the lives of numerous citizens, highlights the urgent need for proper sanitation infrastructure.

Ensuring access to adequate water and sanitation facilities isn’t just political posturing; it’s a fundamental obligation of any responsible government to safeguard public health.

As Zambia approaches the next elections, the proliferation of propaganda and misinformation is inevitable.

However, the United Party for National Development (UPND) must actively combat these falsehoods and present the truth to the public.

Instead of merely reacting, UPND should invest in a coordinated social media strategy to effectively communicate its achievements and policies.

In the face of political opportunism, UPND must remain steadfast in its dedication to serving the people and advancing the nation’s interests.

By focusing on delivering concrete results and countering false narratives, UPND can ensure that Zambia’s progress isn’t derailed by petty politicking.

President Hichilema’s symbolic toilet launch serves as a reminder of the government’s commitment to improving the lives of all Zambians.

It’s imperative that political opportunists like the United Kwacha Alliance do not distract from the crucial work being done to address the nation’s pressing challenges.

UPND must remain vigilant in defending the truth and promoting its vision for a better Zambia.


  1. It’s the first time since independence of this republic of Zambia that I have heard of a president, the whole of the president launching a toilet, a toilet just! Mr. Hichilema must consider delegating even if he’s invited to launch something. A toilet can be launched by a DC and at the most the provincial minister! Does a president surely have to spend time and money to launch a toilet? He has more important things to do, things directly affecting the economy of this country, and not toilets! Where do toilets fit in, in the economy of this country. People are sleeping hungry, and he should know that hungry people are angry people!

    • Not a toilet just. 1,200 toilets. Plus water and sewerage facilities at the total cost of K54 million. They add great value to the economy because sanitation is one of the essential foundations of a functional society. Cholera brought the nation to a standstill, and this is one way of combating it. Like him or hate him, critique of the government needs to be fair

  2. No wonder he has been trying to credit himself with the construction of the Kazungula bridge done under the PF. Ba HH has little to credit himself with. So niku jumpila pali ka toilet. These were started under RB and are the baby of our councils.

  3. Mr. Pure24, we know it’s 1200 toilets, but why can’t DCs launch those toilets? Hichilema has to fly from Lusaka to go launch those toilets on the Copperbelt at great cost! You can’t be serious! And Zambia shall never develop if you are going to prioritize toilets. And who are these people who can’t afford their own piped toilets that they have to wait for the president to come and launch and provide? Where do toilets fit in , in any production value chain! They are of course along the consumption value chain. And somebody claims they are in hurry to develop the economy? You must be jokers!


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