By Sarah Yeta II.


I come from a school of thought where we discuss ideas not personalities.

It is by discussing ideas not personalities that the world’s tallest artificial structure, Burj Khalifa, in Dubai was built. It is by discussing ideas not personalities that Rome was built. It is by discussing ideas not personalities that the ‘One Zambia One Nation’ mantra was crafted and united the country.

We all want change that will bring development for all Zambians regardless of our diverse demographic identities.

Mr Hakainde Hichilema and the United Party for National Development (UPND) are the only viable and capable vehicles for change many Zambians need.

However, in our fight for change and a better country for all Zambians, we should be careful and judicious not to be counterproductive.

We cannot, at the same time, build and dig the same house because it will collapse on everyone and we will have no house or party to talk about.

Why should we spoil the long awaited August opportunity to bring change we all need by attacking personalities of our leaders and members on social media?

Even then, if we are to attack each other on social media, let it be based on ideas not personalities.

The adoptions, or fight for change should unite not divide the party. It should unite not divide leaders. It should unite members and sympathisers not divide them because the unity of purpose is the only unity that lasts.

If UPND wins the forthcoming elections and one is privileged to be appointed to serve the people of Zambia, how are you going to work with the same people you are openly demeaning, scandalising and insulting on social media?

Once more, let us discuss ideas not personalities because it is only ideas that build.

Change is coming in August, but this change is based on robust discussions of ideas not personalities.

A deliberate strategy must be put in place led by senior citizens to talk to all candidates who were not adopted to encourage them to remain in the party and support adopted candidates.

We also need a critical and summative evaluation of the 2021 adoption process and use the knowledge from the evaluation process to inform and improve future adoption processes.

Lastly, if Hichilema is to be a president of the people and for the people, then let him be accessible to all people.

Get ready for change because change is coming soon.


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