ZAMBIAN social media-based opposition political parties Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) have distanced themselves from former president Edgar Lungu’s latest political formation, United Kwacha Alliance (UKA).

After losing the Patriotic Front (PF) to Miles Sampa, Lungu has activated Plan B of the unwavering Alebwelelapo project by shepherding leaders of one-man parties into what they calling an alliance to propel the former president on the 2026 ballot paper.

The group that includes, Harry Kalaba of Citizens First, Chishala Kateka of New Heritage Party, Saboi Imboela of NDC faction and Jackson Silavwe of Golden Heritage Party among others will eventually endorse Lungu as the sole presidential candidate for the next general election according to insiders.

However, the UKA hit a deep pothole when some opposition parties like the Socialist Party refused to have anything to do with it saying they were aware of the schemings and manoeuvering going on in the alliance.

Following in the footsteps of the Socialist Party, EFF leader Kasonde Mwenda also went public to announce his non affiliation to UKA.

“Following numerous media queries, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) wishes to clarify that we are not affiliated to the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) contrary to some social media publications,” Mwenda explained on his Facebook page.

Last week, political funny man and owner of Patriots for Economic Progress Sean Tembo posted; “As PeP, we fully support the Opposition Alliance. However, for now we shall only be with them in spirit. At the right time, we may join”.



  1. The biggest mistake the UKA has made is to include Mr Lungu. Mr Lungu and his party are the Genesis of our economical challenges in this country. When we see Mr Lungu we are reminded of the initiator of our sufferings.
    They inherited better economy from MMD and left the economy worse. Hence, we want the better ones not the worst to come back.
    Furthermore, the same people failed to hold PF together in opposite, then do you think they will manage to organize a new party, ready for an election in 2 year?
    Everyone agrees that Mr Lungu failed and that is the reason he lost in the last election, so do you think we can bring back a failure while there are many Zambians who are capable.

  2. Ba Kateka….jumping into bed with a character with questionable public standing. Where did Lungu get the money for him to suggest that the Ex-President emolument are “crumbs”. Just looking at what the law states, Lungu could not have amassed for much money to refer to the Preaidential retirement as “crumbs”. And Chisala Kateka jumps into “bed” with such a man? Morally, ethically one has to question such a person who would even consider such a position.
    Kalaba is a political “Papa”…kwa lola umwela eko baya ba Kalaba. Yet a few years ago after being fired as Minister of Foreign Affairs, he quit PF stating that it was corrupt. Yet while in cabinet it was not kaaa? Now he back dinning at the same table with the corrupt.


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