FAILURE CAUSING UPND TO PANIC…. they are letting down the people of Zambia on many issues, charges PF official



…. they are letting down the people of Zambia on many issues, charges PF official

Shiwang’andu District… Sunday January 20, 2024 (SMART EAGLES)

Failure to deliver on many issues is causing the UPND administration to panic, charges Shiwang’andu District Patriotic Front Chairman Lewis Mulenga.

Mr Mulenga has charged that the UPND administration is failing to give priority to important matters in the country thereby failing to look after the people of Zambia.

Mr. Mulenga says a responsible government should understand and know priority areas that need serious and immediate attention.

He says the case in point is the current Cholera crisis that is raving the country.

Zambia is reeling from a major cholera outbreak that has killed more than 400 people and infected more than 10,000.

“We have a Cholera crisis in the country. And you have the Minister in charge of water development abandoning his duties to go and campaign in Shiwang’andu district when a lot of people are dying due to the Cholera pandemic. What kind of leaders do we have in this country? This goes to show that they care less about the lives of the people,” he said.

“In stead of finding solutions to this crisis together with his counterparts, Water Development and Sanitation Minister Hon Mike Mposha decided to go for campaigns when a lot of people are battling this outbreak. People are dying in numbers, a lot of them remain admitted in health care facilities, thousands of lives are at risk of getting this disease, and yet Hon Mposha is doing politics in Shiwang’andu.”

He added that because they have lost popularity, they want to ensure that they win a simple ward by-election while risking the lives of thousands of people.

Mr Mulenga said the people are seeing what is happening in the country and lack of priority on the part of the UPND government.


  1. This is what the PF wanted. I vividly remember Honourable Garry Nkombo ordering the street vendors to stop their actions of vending in streets. What followed?? The PF was in the forefront condemning Garry and the UPND especially by Raphael Nakachinda!! I vividly remember President HH and his team attempting to clean the Lusaka Central Business District (CBD) on Saturday. What happened?? The following day, the same area which the President cleaned was littered with dirty. Who did it???? The same PF SYMPATHETIC STREET VENDORS. Today you are crying short-changed on CHOLERA!! How? Because both the Head of State and his able Liutenant Garry Nkombo saw a day like these days when CHOLERA would attack us if we don’t CLEAN-UP.

  2. When you go to eye specialists, they can tell you various eye problems which include short sightedness, long sightedness, colour blind, blurred vision and total blindness. Maybe Mr. Mulenga could be suffering from one of these eye problems because he doesn’t seem to see anything the ND government is doing since it assumed office in August, 2021. I am therefore very shocked to hear from Mr. Mulenga that failure to deliver on many issues is causing the UPND Administration to panic. What are those many issues if he can mention them? if UPND had many un delivered issues in 2021, this time, they are no longer many because they have significantly reduced and are still continuing to reduce and by 2026, I don’t know how many will still be remaining. So to go and campaign in a by election is not panicking, it’s in order, it just shows how much the government cares for the people of that ward and the Constituency at large. It is also a good opportunity for to get first-hand information from the people about their challenges. Even if a PF candidate wins, there is nothing that he will give the people, no solution whatsoever will come from him, solutions will continue coming from UPND through CDF, Equalization Fund and other monies for capital projects. Mr. Mulenga should know that people, including those of Shiwang’andu are lucky to have a President like HH who doesn’t segregate, he looks at everyone equally. He gives equal shares of the CDF to all the 156 constituencies, 30.6 m x 156 is about 4.8 million per year. He has given free education to all the children from grade 1 to grade 12, he has bought them desks, he has given University students meal allowances, he cleared a back log of Retirees within the first year in office, those who are retiring now don’t have to wait for many years like it used to be in the past, they are cleared within months after their retirement. If all these achievements by the ND government are what you can call a failure to deliver, then you must have a serious problem with your grey matter upstairs. Which president has ever given such kind of money to the people in the history of this country? In the previous Administration, these are the amounts of money we were hearing to have been stolen or paid to suppliers for supplying air. People should be told the truth, as at now, UPND remains the best government for this country. To send Ministers to go and campaign in a by election is not a sign panic at all, but if that’s what you call panicking yourself, then the word has lost its meaning.

    Today we are boasting of improved information Technology and you can chat with someone who is in America as though you were him here in Zambia. For a Minister who is in Shiwang’andu is jyst as good as being in Lusaka, he is always in touch with fellow Ministers and other stakeholders. Moreover, why should the President or the Minister always be in Lusaka, is Cholera not in other places as well? Lusaka is not Zambia, Zambia is all the Provinces and Districts and they all need the presence of the President or Ministers. Mr. Mulenga, you are more worried of the competition than what you are saying and knowing who Kampyongo is, if PF was still in power, he was not even going to allow those people to campaign in Shiwang’andu because he takes it as if he owns it. The ND government has not let anyone down, HH loves the people of Zambia, he is not stealing their money as it used to be, instead he is giving the same amount of money to the people, even increasing it every year. Is that what a failure can do? If you have nothing to say, you are better off to remain quiet. Only the haters like you can believe what you are saying, but all meaning Zambians cannot believe what you are saying but all the well-meaning Zambians cannot listen to your cheap tribalists and propagandists like you.

  3. During the PF era, half of the cabinet would be campaigning during by-elections and Mr. Mulenga did not view that as panicking on the part of the PF.

    PF is the true representation of hypocrisy, lies and lawlessness.


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