By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba
Failure of Institutions, the case of the 13 girls

Hearing the explanation from the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security claiming that the case was hard to crack because the perpetrators knew the victims, doesn’t hold water.

1. The criminals made calls to family members and collected money sent through mobile money( where is ZICTA?).

2. Videos of the abductors cars were made and submitted to the Police( where is the Police and RTSA?).

3. Nine of the 13 victims are from the same school! ( criminals repeatedly returned to the school and no one noticed? Where are the Police investigators on the case? Police intelligence?) .

4. Who fed the victims? Where did the resources to keep and maintain the victims come from?

5. The suspects were active on social-media, sharing tell-tale signs.

6. The Police said they had narrowed down to the suspected house for two days! Why didn’t they storm the place? A search warrant takes a few hours to obtain!

7. Presence of a coffin, fetishes, blood, all show this to be no ordinary crime…who is behind this?

8. Why are political leaders visiting the crime scene? Has the crime scene been sealed? Have both the victims and witnesses been secured?

9. Hope there is an attempt to call the Papa and other visitors to the house covering the period under investigations.


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