family releases pictures of Hon. JayJay Banda taken at Kafue General Hospital.


The family releases pictures of Hon. JayJay Banda taken at Kafue General Hospital.
The family says Hon.Banda is unwell and suffered injuries.

They say they have released the pictures to dispute the words of Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Hon. Jack Mwiimbu.

The family said they still fear for the life of Hon.Banda and wishes the State to allow them to be taken to a medical facility of his choice.


    • Serious or not, there are lash and kick marks with bruising apparent. This is forensic medicine ba dala,not UPND politics!!!

  1. So folks only take skin bruises with stains of blood as serious?. Blunt injuries are the most dangerous for your own information. Internal bleeding is difficult to stop without surgery. This guy must have been beaten hard by professors.

    • 2.1 PF LOSERS FOR 2.1 PF IDIOTS you are just a PF idiot, what do you know about blunt wounds iwe Kembo? That’s your PF/ UKWA dramma ba idiot imweee!

  2. He agreed to receive a few lashes to disguise everything. This is real drama.
    Ask Mr. Zero how he was almost killed by PF, day-light clobbered. Not this nonsense.
    These should be lashes from Esther Lungu.

  3. Nigeria move at its best personally I only see staggered bruises not the one I saw with Boko Haram and pamale .JJ banda is stubborn was not going to abducted by anyone moreover that staggered abduction happened in town not bush.what was the purpose of abducting him? Did the criminals got anything from him? Confessed snake warned you Zambians,it even explained how it moved from chawama to state house.

  4. There are stories to draw from these pictures. If he was abducted by criminals, he can not come out with such a healthy body.
    1. What is the story from his wife/wives?
    2. How did he found himself on the door step of the farm house in Kafue?
    3. Why call mother instead of wife?
    4. Sympathizers why team up at mother’s side instead of wife’s side at his own house?
    5. If the sisters called the police first, how did a lot of PF cadres happened to join in instead of Kafue residents and others? But we see PF to being the forefront?

    I smell a rat.
    Lusambo story is another issue and mind you ECL calls Lusambo mwanawanga people pick it up from there and do your self analysis


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