Farewell my president…. You remain the father and founding president of the NDC and we shall always respect, honour and appreciate everything you have done for us.

It is not easy to form and run a party in this country. The 5 of you, with the late Michael Chilufya Sata and others, founded the PF and within 10 years it formed government. You formed the NDC and within a short period of time you made it be one of the best parties in the country. Just when the NDC was formed, I knew that I had to leave the party I belonged to and join it.

Many people never understood the vision and what I saw by joining a newly formed party, but I looked at your great leadership and I knew that within a few years the party would be one of the best in the country and it really is…. My vision, however, did not even show or make me think that we would develop at that fast rate as a party and also make me rise to the position I have today.

You mentored us and showed us how to run the party with or without your presence so we shall continue to do so and we shall certainly make you proud. People will say all they want to say but your legacy is unmatched and out there for all to see…. Two great parties with your name stamped on them is no mean achievement.

Today we say bye to you as NDC and the PF have certainly earned a giant and great leader, mobiliser and strategist. BUT we shall remain strong in the NDC, as some of us have a bigger task to even grow this party beyond what it is today. Your legacy will be preserved by how strong and resilient NDC shall be, and we are equal to the task…. Farewell and all the best as your get back ‘to your roots’ and ‘your other party.’ Forever grateful….

Saboi Imboela
Acting President- NDC


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