Fashion Sakala has revealed he turned down an English Premier league club after receiving a phone call from Steven Gerrard.

Scoring again this past weekend, Sakala admitted he had a decision to make in terms of where his future lay and he turned to God to help him make his choice.

Speaking to Zambian radio station Q-FM Sakala said: “Honestly, I had a lot of options. “I had teams in the Premier League, three teams from England. I had two teams from France, in Ligue 1.

“I also had a lot of options from Spain, in La Liga. But before making any decision, I always pray. And God showed me the direction to choose Rangers. I believe that’s the best decision that I’ve made. I believe it is the right decision because looking at how Rangers play, I will fit in quickly.

“The kind of style they play is almost the same way I play, and also how the coach explained he wants me to play is exactly how I play.”

On Gerrard giving him a ring, he explained: “Looking at the profile of Steven Gerrard, the first time he called me he told me that I’m a very good player and I have a lot to achieve.

“And looking at his profile, him telling me that really touched my heart. I felt like I have a journey to follow.

“He gave me a few names of big players he played with and I couldn’t believe that he was comparing me to those big names, that’s how he sees me playing.

“From the first time we started talking, I could tell that he really believes in me.”


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