Father denies murdering son after marrying son’s ex-wife

FATHER: Stephen Wang’ondu, who is accused of hiring four killers to eliminate his son, in a Nyeri court on Tuesday, March 2

| Prominent Nyeri businessman, Stephen Wang’ondu, on Tuesday denied charges of murdering his son, Daniel Mwangi, in Nyeri on January 1. He, along with four alleged accomplices, James Mahinda, Eddy Kariuki, Raphael Wachira, and Geoffrey Warutumo, all pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The altercation reportedly began between father and son after the son separated from his ex-wife. However, the situation took a drastic turn when the father reconciled with the woman, marrying her and even establishing a business for her.

The accused allegedly paid Sh160,000 to the hitmen, with a down payment of Sh20,000. Also implicated in the case was the deceased son’s ex-wife, Charity Nyawira, who denied any involvement and was released on the condition of reporting to the police every two weeks for a month.

The group stands accused of collectively murdering Daniel Mwangi, 32, on New Year’s Day in Nyeri County, outside his residence. According to court documents, the businessman purportedly hired the killers due to a dispute over Charity. Despite undergoing psychiatric examinations and being deemed fit to stand trial, they are yet to file for bail.

Prosecutor Duncan Ondimu cited time constraints in the investigations, requesting two days to file an affidavit objecting to bail for all five suspects. He also highlighted security concerns, urging for the suspects to be detained in different remand facilities.

Judge Florence Muchemi scheduled the hearing for their bail application for March 9, allowing time for the prosecution to file the affidavit. The accused, who have been in police custody during the investigations, did not object to the remands.


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