Father to 4 year old Ayan the young boy that was being physically abused by his step mother says he will sue teacher for recording the viral video


Ayan’s father defends wife, says will sue teacher Naomi for recording video

JUSTINE Bwalya, father of the abused child, Ayan whose video went viral last week has come to the defence of his detained wife, Langiwe Ngosa saying she is a loving and caring person incapable of abusing children.

Last Thursday, Police announced the arrest of Ngosa after her neighbour in Appollo Barracks and workmate to Bwalya reported her to Marcopolo Police Post for abusing a child.

Ngosa married Ayan’s father slightly over year ago following the death of the mother’s child.

The public was alerted to Ayan’s suffering after a video interview with his teacher was widely shared on social media.

In the video, the teacher showed Ayan’s little body covered with countless scars of whip marks which he said had been inflicted on him by his “mommy”.

His face and his hands too had sores he said Ngosa had inflicted on him.

While the video earned the teacher public praise, it sparked widespread anger against Ngosa with many branding an her evil woman.

But Ayan’s father, Bwalya thinks otherwise and protests her innocence.

Speaking to #Kalemba in an interview, Bwalaya said contrary to public perception, his wife Ngosa was a caring and loving person.

He said he did not believe Ngosa was capable of abusing his child.

Bwalya explained that although he was mostly away from home for extended periods of time due to the nature of his job, he always kept in touch via video calls.

He said on one occasion while talking to Ayan via video call, he noticed the sores on Ayan’s face and upon enquiry, his wife explained that the child fell from the table and landed on a mug cup hence the injury.

As for the injury on the hand, Bwalya said his wife informed him that Ayan hurt himself with razor blade he had been playing with.

Further, Bwalya explained that he noticed the scars and injuries on Ayan’s body on pictures and video calls, as he was away on duty in Zambezi District, but said that did not alarm him because he knew his son was active child that may have hurt himself whilst playing.

“I cant say I neglected my family, I would go and see them whenever I have a chance to because my job demands me to move a lot. In fact, whenever I call, I would always use video call, even that cut on his right hand, I saw it, but when I asked the mother, she explained to me that Ayan was playing with a razor blade but again, the story changed that he cut himself with a knife.

“I questioned her that it was her duty to make sure that there are no harmful tools near the children but she explained to me that she only found Ayan washing his hands upstairs and bandaged him. I also saw a deep cut on his cheek on a photo, but I was told that he fell from a table and hit himself on a mug cup which injured him. As a father that was away, I believed whatever I was told because I was away for along time and Ngosa my wife was the one taking care of my son,” said Bwalya.

Bwalya added that despite noticing the scars on the child’s body, he never for once suspected that he was being abused by his wife as she began taking care of him even before the two were even married and therefore, he does not regard his her as an abusive person.

He said Ayan’s teacher should not be projected as a hero like because she was wrong to film his and share the video online when she could have easily contacted Ngosa.

“The teacher was wrong to post that video on social media, if she noticed that on my child, she would have first contacted the mother or communicated with me first. I will sue her in court for defamation of character. People should not even be on social media praising her,” said Bwalya.

He said the development had stressed him because it had separated his family with his wife in police custody while Ayan was in the custody of the government under child protection,” said Bwalya.

Bwalya said he was hopeful Ngosa would be released because she was innocent.

“I miss my son very much because the last time I saw him was May 16, 2023 and up to today I am yet to see him because he is in the custody of the government under child protection,” said Bwalya.

By Buumba Mwitumwa



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