FAZ has banned the use of Nkana Stadium for the 2023/2024 season



The Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has handed a season-long ban to Nkana Football Club following crowd trouble during the Week 31 MTN Super League match played on April 28 at Arthur Davies Stadium against Power Dynamos.

Following a complaint from FAZ and Power Dynamos, Nkana were afforded an opportunity to defend themselves but came short.

“Nkana Stadium is banned for hosting any match sanctioned by FAZ for the duration of 2023-2024 season. Furthermore, all matches sanctioned by FAZ against Nkana are to be played a minimum of 60 kilometres away from Nkana Stadium,” reads part of the verdict.

The Committee having identified the Nkana FC as being so heavily and aggressively determined to conceal some of its fans as being violent, hence the club being accessory after the fact, would have in addition to the ban added a punitive fine but we are constrained as we feel the ban will deny the club some revenue and we hope that it will be sufficient remedy owing to the effect of the ban as it is traumatizing enough to induce reformation.”
In terms of Articles 119, 120 and 121 of the Code, the Respondent has the right to appeal the decision of the Committee within 72 hours notification of this decision.

Nkana has also been fined K50, 000 for a violent incident that saw the stoning of Green Eagles striker Derrick Bulaya during a Week 30 match played at Nkana Stadium on April 26.
“The Respondent is hereby ordered to reimburse Derrick Bulaya for all the medical and associated costs relating to the treatment of the injuries sustained within 7 days of the Federation scrutinizing and approving the expenses; and the Respondent is fined a sum of K50,000.00 for the misconduct of the unidentified aggressors in line with Article 51 of the Code and is directed to pay it to the Federation within 7 days of receipt of this Ruling.”

“The Respondent is further ordered to play its next 10 home matches without spectators.”
The Disciplinary Committee has also handed Nchanga Rangers a K50, 000 for a violent incident that saw Power Dynamos midfielder Joshua Mutale stoned during the Week 30 match between the Chingola based side and Power Dynamos.
“Particulars of the offence are that Nchanga Rangers fans misconducted themselves against Power Dynamos FC during the week 30 fixture of the MTN Super League between Nchanga Rangers and Power Dynamos,” read the charge sheet.
Nchanga Rangers pleaded for leniency and disclosed that they took some streps to double up security after the incident.

“Having taken into account the mitigation, respondent’s plea for lenience as well as demonstrating that they had doubled the number of the State Police ensuring high security, The Respondent is fined ZMW 50,000=00,” reads part of the verdict.

FAZ General Secretary Reuben Kamanga says it is the association’s hope that next season clubs would handle safety matters better.
“We do not derive pleasure in handing out these sanctions, but we are mindful that football is a rule-based sport that should be safe for anyone to enjoy,” Kamanga says.

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