By Patricia Male

Two political party alliances namely, the Zambia we want and the UPND alliance has today merged with a resolve to lead Zambia out of its current economic woos and breakdown in the rule of law.

The Zambia we want alliance is a political movement recently launched comprising opposition movement for democratic change –mdc- led by president Felix Mutati, Zambia shall prosper under renowned lawyer kelvin Bwalya Fube , two other political parties and the UPND alliance led by Hakainde Hichilema.

Speaking at the unveiling of the merger this morning, mdc president Felix Mutati said Zambia’s economy is currently in an urgent need of repair with all alliance partners grounded and collectively agreed on the employment of fiscal discipline, policy consistency and reforms that are crucial to economic reforms.

Mr. Mutati observed the need to urgently repair the economy in order to create a direction that sees the aspiration of Zambia becoming a middle income country is achieved through the determination of the alliance movement and citied the mining, energy and agriculture sectors as critical components of the economic recovery.

Speaking earlier, Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube charged that currently, there is a breakdown in the rule of law which has the potential to make the country dysfunctional.

Mr. Fube said the rule of law has broken-down and has been defeated by a few politically inclined cliques thereby denying citizens their fundamental freedoms and now living in fear in their own country.


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