MESSAGE OF CONDOLENCE’ to Mwenya Munkonge and Rogers Mwewa

By Felix Chipota Mutati.

I HAVE learnt of the deaths of Honourable Mwenya Munkonge and Honourable Rogers Mwewa with a deep sence of shock sorrow, having worked with them on various parliamentary duties.

As many Zambians have already done, I wish to extend my heartfelt condolences to the families of Hon Munkonge and Hon Mwewa, who died on Saturday 18th July 2020.

My condolences are extended to the constituent’s of Lukashya, in Kasama, Northern Province, and Mwansabombwe, Kazembe, Luapula Province.

Lastly but certainly not the least, I extend my message of condolences to the President of PF (Who’s also Republican President) Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu on the loss of two MP’s in a single day.

To Lukashya Constituency, the late Hon Munkonge was a man of the people whose works before joining Parliament in 2016, led him to be elected as an Independent Member of Parliament. The constant visits to his constituency and initiatives implemented in Lukashya under Munkonge’s charge, speak volumes of his commitment to better the lives of the people through dedicated service. Munkonge was his people’s giant and a keen pusher of grassroot development. It is for this reason that his death is a great loss. His legacy is an example worth emulating for aspiring leaders.

Born on Saturday 16th March 1968 and a CIMA Accountant by profession with a Stockbrokers Certificate, late Mukonge’s hobbies were Basketball
Football and

And the gap left by Mwewa, not only in Mwansabombwe, Luapula but also among the beneficiaries, current and past, of his works at Fountain of Hope and the art industry in Zambia, is too deep.

Many street and vulnerable children have passed through his and his wife’s hands at the Fountain of Hope home for vulnerable and homeless children. Well-wishers should continue to assist Fountain of Hope to ensure that the remaining administrators of the facility continue …


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