Festive Season Message From Sakwiba Sikota

Sakwiba Sikota

By Sakwiba Sikota

In wishing you all a safe, reflective and joyous festive season, I call on all to read the famous prophecy in Isaiah 9:6,7 which reads, “For to us a child is born; to us a son is given. And he will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Christmas is a time which should be punctuated by good will.
This good will should not be a short term passing phase but a reset of our attitudes, motivators and actions. Going forward everything we do henceforth should be shrouded in good will.

Not only the leaders, but each and every person should identify with the principles that the birth in that Bethlehem manger signified. The Prince of Peace was sent to guide as to peaceful coexistence through good will and love.

President Hakainde rightly pointed out that During the festive season, Zambians to embody the spirit of Christmas by sharing the gift of love. I would go further and state that the gift of live should not only be a seasonal thing but the constant bedrock of our every action throughout each season of the year.

I am glad that President Hakainde in his Christmas message called for unity, reconciliation, and forgiveness among the citizens. I call upon all leaders, be they political, religious, civil society or which ever group, to meet this call for unity, reconciliation and forgiveness.

The only way that the call for love, reconciliation and forgiveness can bring about unity is if we;
a) make love replace “imingalato”.
b) reconcile with all those we have exchanged bitter words or harbored ill thoughts about.
c) forgive even those whom we believe have exhibited “ukutumpa”.

I believe this is the message, when you read in between the lines, of the President’s Christmas message.


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