FIFA issue statement on introduction of blue cards with warning to all fans


FIFA released a statement regarding the implementation of blue cards in response to information that surfaced on Thursday.

According to The Telegraph, one of the largest refereeing reforms in a decade was under way, with blue cards being tried for cynical fouls and dissent after receiving approval from the football legislators, IFAB.

According to the report, the tests would start at the lower football levels, and players who receive a blue card would be placed in a 10-minute sin bin.

There was instant talk about which teams and players would be most impacted when two blue cards were given in the same game, as it would result in a red card.

However, FIFA has moved to clarify that the implementation of blue cards will not happen immediately, calling reports “premature”.

The global governing body added that the issue will be covered in more detail at the IFAB AGM the following month.

According to a statement, FIFA wants to make it clear that reports of the so-called “blue card” at the highest levels of football competition are unfounded and untimely.

“Any such trials, if implemented, should be limited to testing in a responsible manner at lower levels, a position that FIFA intends to reiterate when this agenda item is discussed at the IFAB AGM on 2 March.”

By using blue cards, referee abuse will be further curbed, and tactical fouls such as Giorgio Chiellini’s controversial challenge on Bukayo Saka in the Euro 2020 final will carry harsher penalties.

Rugby is known for its sin-bins, which remove players from the field of play for ten minutes.

If the initial round of trials is successful, the Football Association may offer to use the FA Cup competitions for testing the following season.

Aleksander Ceferin, the president of UEFA, has stated unequivocally that he opposes sin bins in football.


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