Mr. Moses Kabamba, an Assistant Commissioner of Police and former DCIO for North-Western Division who was fired by Mr Hakainde Hichilema, died of depression in Lusaka on Sunday.

The late officer’s BP rose after he heard that on Friday last week Mr Milner Muyambango DIG OPs had refused to obey the instructions given in writing by Solicitor General Marshal Muchende to introduce back on the payroll the affected officers as a way to have the matter settled out of court.

Injustice and lack of compassion kills and it has killed Mr Kabamba.

May his soul rest in eternal!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. These are the civil servants that were purged to make way for their friends from that other region.

    Rest in peace my Lu Bemba friend. Only God knows.

    • So Indigo Tyrol is a tribalist. Now it makes sense of all his rantings. Many of your posts, 99% of which are critical, many with injustified criticisms are actually motivated by tribalism

      Thanks for giving us the evidence we were lacking

  2. Yes, just like the police officer who was fired together with now ADC Shupa by the PF during the sesheke by-election died. Nothing special about this person. Bringing in tribal and regional undertones is being very very petty. Losing a job is a painful experience but how many people could die because of loss of employment. He just needed to be strong

    • Exactly my thoughts. Why is that when wrong things are done by these chaps in this country they take it to be normal and when it’s the other way round it becomes an issue? Admin can you please do a flash of the story of friend to shapa who died after being fired by Lungu we see if this so called socialist leader commented on that. You ran that story on May 20, 2020.

  3. Mwata Mmembe you are a danger to the community. Amano nga yafula ayakulanda ukucila bonse, balakubika pakupena. You have never said good and you shall never speak sence to citizens.
    Sell your party with facts because you want people to hear you.
    Your bad character of hatred is haunting you more.

  4. Is this really coming from Dr. M’membe? Sounds very cheap and nonsensical. How do you know he died of depression due to loss of the job?

    Did Dr. M’membe do a postmortem for him to come to this conclusion?


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