Five UPND Cadres Have Reported Mikalile To ACC And DEC To Seize His Properties And Ascertain His Source Of Wealth


Chishala Kateka writes:

5 members of the UPND have ‘successfully reported’ a Zambian long time entrepreneur Stephen Mulenga Mikalile to investigative wings, ACC and DEC to seize his properties and ascertain his source of wealth.

Is this in order or are we glorifying and encouraging a poverty mindset?


  1. Though I am not a cadre, the issue is not about poverty mentality, it is about how and when one developed a speedy rich mentality and business skills to become stinking rich. We know how some people like Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos became rich, you cannot take such ones to court. But the idiots who suddenly became stinking rich during the thieving, looting and plundering ELC regime must explain their source of wealth. If they convince us through courts of law, we hope to celebrate with them but if not, the idiots must give back to us all they stole. STUPID IDIOTS.

  2. Mikalile started making money before PF formed government. The issue here is that UPND is seeking to impoverish all suspected potential opposition PF sponsors.

  3. All well-meaning and good faith reports to the ACC are done in strict confidence. Neither the person reporting nor the ACC themselves discloses information to the public. The ACC in turn are expected to work quietly to verify the suspicion. It’s only after they have checked the information and found it credible that they call the suspect for an interview. If the suspect explains the source of their wealth, the ACC drops the investigation and the matter ends without outsiders knowing anything.


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