With all the wonderful history, achievement and reputation around the world, Kalusha Bwalya’s home support is divided thanks to his participation in politics PF in 2021. Kalu should have stayed away from politics and kept his prized fame and guard it jealously. Mr Bwalya has history tied to Zambian flag and beacon of success as a great footballer in his time, as a FAZ president, CAF official and FIFA official he earned himself highest prestigious fame and tranquility that should have not been compromised by his involvement with Patriotic Front.

The rift between Kalusha Bwalya and Andrew Kamanga is one of the dangerous affair that has costed Zambia’s football performance, progress and divided the people. While Great Kalu enjoys the upper hand in this arena as a professional career something he has been for all his life compared to his rival who comes from the business world both are key stakeholders to the future of Sports in Zambia.

The recent rift over the legend incoming game between Zambia’s 2012 legends vs retired Barcelona players duped as an exhibition match is one disappointing state of affairs that has exposed our division as a people between camp Kamanga and camp Kalusha. Whatever the issue surrounding the match could be its not as bad and as deadly as the battle between the top leaders in Kamanga and Kalu. If these two where in good books, there wouldn’t be an issue of which jersy to put on and not. Barcelona team are putting on the current sporting kit by their main team but for Zambia honestly no official jersey they wore in 2012 then how can you call it a legends game without the legends outfit? This is all because its better this match not go through than to promote the Kalu fame according to Kamanga’s ego and no use of FAZ present kit minted or mixed with 2012 flavour like Barca team will be. On the other hand we have alot of negative energy from political elites mainly UPND the ruling party demonising Kalusha Bwalya accusing him of plotting a FAZ comeback through the ministry of sports.

In all these its the Zambians that want that game badly and the marketing of nation as a choice tourist destination at stake.

Zambians do reserve the respect for Kalu as a living legend from our past who messed up his integrity by contaminating himself with politics. Political elites are not having anything good about the game especially the involvement of Kalu as they see him as a politician of PF. This must serve as a warning and a lesson to all living figures in the football world and other sporting discipline to stay away from politics no matter the temptation because time may come when the public will not forget.


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