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Next year on the 12th August, Zambia goes to the polls as we hold the general or tripartite election as is the case every 5 years to elect a President, Members of Parliament and Councillors as is stipulated in our constitution.

Voter registration is currently underway as a lot of people are making efforts to register despite the Electoral Commission of Zambia ( ECZ) looking ill prepared for the process, already the atmosphere is sending a clear message that we can’t wait to exercise our civic duty as citizens come election day.

For those of us who have paid attention, we may have noticed that every time towards election year there is a lot of mudslinging. Conversations on Radio, TV, social media and community at large is centered on the incumbent President, his cabinet, his MPs and all his his team since time in memorial. Unpleasant things will be said like (cabbage, nyama soya, fake humble leader, fake husband, corrupt, thieves, takapite etc).

Have you ever stopped to think that Zambians have never really appreciated any President apart from his supporters?

Are we to believe that all Zambian Presidents and their cabinets have not been upright, corrupt and selfish and we the citizenry been right and saints all along?

Are you aware that our Presidents don’t come from a hidden space somewhere in the sky but from among us?

So if we are going to agree that all our leaders are bad then we might as well agree that the general citizenry is rotten in terms of leaderships and therefore we are incapable of ruling ourselves.

The conclusion therefore is that the only true way out of this is cleaning the mindset and leading a life of integrity. Mind you it’s not “them” that end up being President. Its you a legitimate citizen of our beautiful country so if your life is not exemplary now there is no way you will be any different once elected.

The mentality of insulting people who hold divergent views on these social platforms is the same that will make you throw people in jail who don’t agree with you when you are in a position of power
Using what you have at personal level illegally to disadvantage people you work or live with is the same mentality that will make you pay cadres ma K5 to go and harass people who don’t agree with you in the event that you are in a position of power

The scriptures in Romans 3:23 clearly says “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

The plan is to be sober citizens, God fearing, have regard for other humans, not only people from your village. Today you maybe pointing fingers but tomorrow you may find yourself in a position of power and the question is “Will you be any different from the leaders that you conderm so much or will it be the same old story for mother Zambia.”?

I urge every well meaning Zambian to work towards making that change at personal level.

In the meantime register and make sure you vote for the party of your choice.

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