By Miles Sampa

DISCLAIMER: Article is a personal view and does not represent views of any person, club or organisation that I may be affiliated to.

History shows our departed national political hero Dr Kenneth Kaunda (KK) stood to fight tribalism and unite all the 73 tribes of Zambia as one people. This he summarised through the motto ‘One Zambia: One Nation’.

One of KK’s mantra was equal respect for “Man West, Man East, Man South and Man North”

Essentially he implied Man (and woman) in all provinces of Zambia and therefore, I take the liberty to make it 10 and add ” Man Central, Man North Western, Man Luapula, Man Muchinga, Man Copperbelt and Man Lusaka”.

KK held hands with men from various provinces to obtain Zambia’s Independence from Colonial Masters in 1964. Key ones were Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula (Man South), Arthur Wina (Man West) and Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe (Man North).

In his reign as President, KK made deliberate appointments for the Prime Minister (Vice President) or Party Secretary General (third in command) positions that were meant to actualize a ‘One Zambia One Nation’ .

Some of these appointments were Nalumino Mundia ( Western), Humphrey Mulemba (North Western), Kebby Musokotwane (Southern) and Reuben Kamanga (Eastern).

Nipano tuli (current status). Despite above history and as we mourn and bury KK this week, Tribalism has actually become worse and about its boiling apex that now threatens our much cherished national peace.

How then do we today and beyond sustain KK’s anti tribal “One Zambia : One Nation”.

Attempts to finger point at any individual based on what tribal remarks they are percieved to have made today, yesterday, this year or last years is not a cure and if anything, has only gone to fuel the problem.

Its a double edged sword. He or She that complains or individually attempts to resolve the tribal problems only ends up being looked at as the one promoting tribalism.
The finger pointing at a person as tribal, always has the thumb pointing back at them fairly or unfairly so.

I happen to have at one point or another closely interacted with about all key political players entire Zambia. In mind I have one Male and a Female from the North and another Man and a Woman from the South. Yes you know the four individuals. They emmotionally talk about the love for their tribe and why they have to ‘protect it from another tribe’. They are tribalist. Its not only them though, me and you are also accomplice by default.

To resolve Tribalism in Zambia beyond what KK achieved under One Zambia One Nation, We must abandon rhetorics that pop up every 5 years during general elections (from ALL angles of the Country) potentially for undue electoral advantage and instead use the Constitution. Only Laws enshrined in the Constition will nip the tribal problem in the bud.

When Bill 10 is therefore resurrected in the next Parliament after the 12 August 2021 general elections, we must insert the following:

1. Cabinet should have equal representation from all 10 Provinces. For the purpose, Nominated Members of Parliament number should have a waiver when need be, from the current 7 to upper ceiling that satisfies this requirement at any one time.

2. Total Number of Permanent Secretaries should have equal representation from all 10 Provinces.

3. CEOs and Directors in each Government Institutions (BOZ, ZSIC, IDC etc) and Parastatals(Mopani Mines, Phoenix tiles, ZamGold etc) should have equal representation from all 10 Provinces.

4. Presidents and Vice of all Political Parties and Republican Presidentual candidated & RM Candidates), should be capped to 10 years maximum per province to ensure equal rotations for all the 10 Province.

5. Abolish and redesign details of current National Registration Cards (NRCs) that promotes tribalism by removing slots for Chief, Village and Districts of one’s Parents.

New NRC design as not to promote tribalism should only indicate Name, Date of Birth and current residential Address.

We should have our future generation in mind when we do action the anti tribalism Bill into the Zambian Constitution.

Any talk and counter talk, will never cure tribalism as far as I see. Its only the Constitution that will finally resolve KK’s dream of a One Zambia One Nation.

Farewell KK.

Miles Sampa
Man Lusaka
July 3rd, 2021.


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