Forget About Barotse land:’This is why there is no Northern Rhodesia’


Forget About Barotse land:

‘This is why there is no Northern Rhodesia’

Barotse land was covering North Western Province, Southern Province, Western Province, Lusaka Province but not anymore. It was also stretching from Zambia to Angola, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Those advocating for Barotse land must be confused, are you sure Britain is ready to help you grab Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia?

As far as Northern Rhodesia is dead, so is Barotse land. If you think Britain will agree to this confusion, then you are misled.

If there is no Northern Rhodesia then there is no Barotseland.

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  1. Correct, keep on helping our beloved brothers and sisters that, the issue of barotesland is a non starter, it will not happen here in Zambia today or in future , it is written in black and white , if these other countries can not tolerate this issue what about Zambia , why so concerned about Zambia and not other countries? Try to mess up with m’nangangwa you will regret the day you were born kkkkkkkkkkk. So please just sit down and keep your peace before you are brussed . Don’t start what you can not finish because Zambia will finish you and she will remain standing kkkkkkk , ukwali nsoke takwa fwile bantu kkkkkkkkk , give HH space to govern and stop the nonsense, tell those who are championing this vise to stop because when they were in government they did not entertain the same issue they want HH to entertain now, they are hypocrites and criminals , they should be factual in whatever they are doing kkkkkkkkkkk , ama Politics ya kulabepa abantu yalipwa akale……kkkkkkkkkk.


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