Former attorney for O.J. Simpson asserts evidence proved his client “was framed”

O.J. Simpson

Former lawyer for OJ Simpson, Alan Dershowitz, believes that the football star, who later became a famous murder suspect, was set up.

Dershowitz said on CTV News Channel that the evidence strongly suggested that Simpson was set up, regardless of whether he was guilty or innocent.

Dershowitz said that the important evidence, the sock with his blood and the victim’s blood on it, was changed. Blood was taken out of tubes, not from O. J Simpson’s body right away.

Dershowitz said that a chemical found in test tubes was on the sock, which helped defense lawyers prove that the sock had been tampered with for sure.

Simpson, who was 76 years old, passed away on Wednesday after fighting cancer, according to his family.

In 1995, Simpson was accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman. He was found not guilty.

“It was a very argumentative case,” Dershowitz said. “People didn’t like him, and they didn’t like me for standing up for him. ”

Dershowitz said people’s opinions about the trial were different depending on their race.

Dershowitz talked to CTV News Channel and said the prosecution made “foolish” mistakes, like making Simpson try on the famous glove in front of the jury.

“He said they could have made him try it on without the jury there. If it didn’t fit, they wouldn’t have used it as evidence. ”

“They made a lot of mistakes. ” We didn’t win the lawsuit, they lost the lawsuit.

See the whole interview with Dershowitz in the video above this article.


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