Former first lady Christine Kaseba Sata has been replaced by Ms. Judith Mulenga as ambassador to France

CiSCA chairperson Judith Mulenga

Today at State House, we administered the oath of office to Ms. Kusobile Kamwambi as the Head of the Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU) and Ms. Chipokota Mwanawasa as the Deputy Head.

Additionally, we appointed Ms. Judith Mariana Adeodata Mulenga as the Ambassador to the Republic of France and Mr. George Muhali Imbuwa as the High Commissioner to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We extended our congratulations to Ms. Kamwambi and Ms. Mwanawasa on their new roles within the PDU. We emphasized the importance of ensuring the effective and efficient delivery of the government’s policy priorities and initiatives.

We encouraged them to leverage their positions and new responsibilities to coordinate, monitor, and drive the implementation of key projects and programs.

Furthermore, we urged Ms. Mulenga and Mr. Imbuwa to effectively promote our vision of economic diplomacy and establish valuable networks with the countries to which they have been assigned. We encouraged them to learn from the developmental experiences of these nations and contribute to fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

Hakainde Hichilema,
President of the Republic of Zambia


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