Former Guinean tyrant accused of massacres freed from prison by gunmen

Gunmen helped Moussa Dadis Camara, pictured in 2009, has escaped from prison

Some armed men entered a prison and helped a former ruler of Guinea, who is believed to be involved in a terrible attack, to escape.

Moussa ‘Dadis’ Camara ran away from the main jail in Guinea’s capital city of Conakry while there was a lot of shooting happening on Saturday morning.

The justice minister, Charles Alphonse Wright, said that the borders of the West African country will be closed soon.

Camara, who took control of the government through a rebellion in 2008, was arrested because of his involvement in a violent incident at a stadium in 2009.

He is one of many people accused of being involved in the killings. The killings happened when security forces from Guinea shot at peaceful protesters who were protesting against Camara taking power and planning to run for president.

According to organizations that support people’s rights, 157 people who were demonstrating were killed. Camara says he isn’t responsible for anything.

Other people who managed to get out of prison today include Claude Pivi and Blaise Goumou. They used to have important jobs in the government and are accused of being involved in a violent killing.
We will locate them. “And the people who are responsible will be punished,” he said in an interview with the local radio station Fim FM.

Camara lived in Burkina Faso and Guinea for many years because he was forced to leave his home. The government of Guinea were afraid that if he returned, it could cause problems in the country.

But, he came back in 2021 after another takeover where the military took control.

Two weeks ago, in the UK, a search was started for two prisoners who had escaped from jail.


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