Former Narep President Stephen Nyirenda Divorces Wife Lesa Kasoma



THE Lusaka High Court has dissolved former National Restoration Party president Stephen Nyirenda’s marriage with his wife Komboni Radio CEO Lesa Kasoma.

The court granted the divorce plea because the union has irretrievably broken down and the couple, which has a nine year old child together, can nolonger live together.

High Court documents indicate that the couple has been granted a decree nisi, which consolidates a divorce.

During submissions in court, Ms Kasoma consented to the divorce petition filed but her husband, who is Munthu party president, and admitted that the union has had a strained relationship.

“The petitioner and I are currently living with four children of the family. The 9 year old is shared by the applicant(Mr Nyirenda) and myself”.

Ms Kasoma submitted that the petitioner [Mr Nyirenda] has petitioned for dissolution of marriage which is understood considering the strained relationship we have had for years,”

The Komboni Radio director added that however has gone further to start asking her and her children to leave their jointly owned house.

Ms Kasoma added that at some point, Mr Nyirenda locked all her belongings and those their nine year-old child.

“He has asked my 16 year-old and 18year-old children to pack their belongings and leave.

“He also managed to chase my 16 year old son from the house while I was out of town on business over the weekend,” Ms Kasoma submitted.

She further submitted that the politician and businessman is also verbally abusive and uses hurtful words when chasing her.

Ms Kasoma further complains that the man has been belittling her in the presence of the children and “he calls me an evil shameless, useless drunk in front of the children”.

“The chasing and abusive language has caused a lot of instability in the home and alot of fear in the children that in the beginning we would lock ourselves up in the children’s bedrooms”.

She also summits that Mr Nyirenda also confiscated her valuables to the extent of getting the laptop she uses for work and school.

But Mr Nyirenda argued in response that he has never confiscated Ms Kasoma’s laptop or anything from the defendant, adding that if he were to confiscate anything from her, he would seize the entire Komboni Radio whose 80 percent of the investments came from him.

He argued that it doesn’t make reasonable sense to confiscate a laptop worth K5000 leaving a property like Komboni Radio worth hundreds of thousands.

In 2021, Mr Nyirenda sued the same woman after she allegedly fraudulently added her name on a title deed for his farm in Roma.



  1. So if Muntu Party yaba Nyirenda wins in 2026, we shall have no First Lady? Yaba! Anyway just as well, mwee, twanako nayo ama NGOs formed by First Ladies, some of them just mere Conduits for looting and pillaging!!!

  2. This is how people disqualify themselves from leadership.

    If you can not manage a home, you can not manage a nation. The home is the microcosm of villages, communities, districts, provinces and nations. And ultimately of the world.


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