Former President Edgar Lungu Sues State For His Benefits

Edgar Lungu


…the benefits accrue to one that has served as former President and cannot be denied on the basis of his political status…

Lusaka – Friday 15th December 2023

The matter in which Zambia’s Sixth President, Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has demanded that his pension and benefits be paid has been taken and filed in the Constitutional Court.

Former President Edgar Lungu has contended that his decision to particpiate in active politics should not be a basis to deny him his pensions and benefits as this would be an infringement of his fundamental constitutional right of expression, association and to hold opinions.

He has stated that the benefits accrued to him because he served as Zambia’s Republican President and not because of his current political status.

Earlier, the former President wrote to the Attorney General to have his pensions and benefits restored.

However, Attorney General Mulilo Kabesha denied to so claiming that the Former President’s Benefits Act of 1993 and stated that the Act does not allow a former President to participate in active politics.

But President Lungu has stated that such a provision would be ultravires to the Constitution and would infringe on his rights and freedoms as a citizen.


  1. So, powerful Lungu is begging for his rights, what about the Zambians you left suffering because of your corruption and plundering. Give us our money that you have stolen you effing chikala
    A baboon has more common sense than you

  2. You cannot sue while holding immunity. Surrender your immunity so that your case can be properly ventilated with you appearing in court to give evidence and to be cross examined. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time, money and the states. I don’t know What Sata saw in this criminal to be even appointing him to act as President when he was away. Sata and Chikwanda are part of the people that created this kamina misa problem.

    • ECL was a relative to ba Sata through ba Sata’s Malawian wives. The sister to one of these wives is the mother to ECL. Sadly, we don’t even know the father to ECL.
      ECL’s true identity must be thoroughly investigated. We could be dealing with a serious misfit who managed to worm his way up.
      It’s possible we were misruled by a Fraudster!
      See how he again wants to abrogate our Constitution to his advantage?
      Zambians, we must wake up or we’ll continue being misled by Foreigners like this identity fraudster called Mutawali morphed into ECL!
      A normal Zambian does not behave the way this chap is behaving!
      Since he wants to sue, first, lift his immunity to level the playing field.
      Then unleash an avalanche of Legal action against the bustard!
      If you have to declare him stateless, please do so!
      We don’t want him anywhere near corridors of power!
      He is a Fraudulent character!

  3. I am just disappointed by HH. As a bonafide Zambian weilding absolute power in this country, hr needs to know he has to protect us from this Malawian wanting to make monkeys of us like the fellow Malawians RB and KK did when the Mainza Chonas and Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe failed to team up and chuck him out. The Congolese Kafupi store Frederick Chiluba’s identity and dribbled us till the LORD saved us from him engineering another term for himself and later the RB saga. Again Zambians were watching all this. Now this Mutawali wants to rape the constitution through those goons from Chipata and our head of state is scared to advise his MPs to initiate immunity removal and try him for the tandem crimes he, his wife and spoiled brats committed against us. Again HH here 0/10 for me…a sissy.

  4. Look at who’s suing the state for benefits. When he thinks it suits him the constitution and human rights come in. Remember what you did to Guy Scott! Also the 2.8 Zambians have human rights to get back their money you got illegally. That’s the starting point. First payback, then start your side shows and see where you will end up.


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