Former President Edgar Lungu’s Silence On The KCM/Milingo $24million Forfeiture Is Too Loud- B Flow



The principle of accountability in leadership demands that past and present leaders must be held to account for the activities that take place under their watch. That is why national leadership is a mammoth responsibility, and only those who are ready to be held accountable must vie for the top job in the land. It is imperative that former President Edgar C. Lungu makes a comment on the matter in which former KCM provisional liquidator Milingo Lungu has forfeited $24million USD to the State.

Whether the State has not demanded for a public explanation from the former Head of State, it is his moral obligation and responsibility both as a former Head of State and Statesman to make a public comment on this matter of public interest. Many Zambian citizens would like to know how an individual like Mr Milingo Lungu could possess such huge sums of money after getting involved in the affairs of a national asset such as KCM which is supposed to improve the livelihoods of poor Zambians. How and why was this allowed to transpire under the stewardship of the PF government?

The fact that the DPP asked the court to order for the forfeiture of more than $24million United States Dollars from Mr. Milingo Lungu (because the money is deemed as property suspected to be proceeds of crime) makes it more than necessary for the former President to clear his name too. He must clear his name because many citizens are of the view that this is a clear sign of the negligence, irresponsibility and mismanagement that took place under his leadership.

Brian Bwembya
Active citizen


  1. Thank you Mr Brian Bwembya. I really salute you from deep down my heart for your wise statement. May the Almighty God protect and guide you. I guess even Leaders in Government did not see this wise statement. Indeed Mr Edgar C Lungu’s silence is too loud.

    • B Flow wants to be smart here. Unfortunately he isn’t. If i was a president and my minister is caught with billions after i leave office it is not my obligation to explain how he stole. Because clearly am the victim of deceit by those who stole. What statement should i make. When your maid pilfers salt and sugar it doesn’t by any measure mean you know until not until such a one is caught.

  2. Why is the Church, CSOs and Opposition silent on the matter. We are observing serious biassness in the way the conduct themselve.
    We conclude their criticism of the President is out of hatred.

    • @Janet Mkandawire….
      These church leaders are ‘politicians’ masquerading through the Bible. They’re hungry charlatans now that benefited so much from plunderers of previous administration. We can now read between the lines.

  3. It is too difficult to comprehend that this is true. 24 million US Dollars…? When you remember how much noise was made by this clique of thieves that there is selective persecution of people.

  4. If u want politics push lungu to comment but if we want justice push HH to make follow ups and let milingo and everyone involved be imprisoned. HH is the one with the power to grind and reject plea these useless deals. So mr president dont be silent on this issue press and grind until heads role

  5. Friends may be what we should ask and demand be made public is what we’re the he terms of reference for this liquidator, how much control did he have on the said Company, to what extent was the company managed before, during and after his reign? I feel there is more to this than just the 24musd. You may realize it’s a drop in a big ocean of such deals to the extent that bringing back the same owner to run the mine may not be in the best interest of this country.

  6. This was a calculated move to steal from the begining. This is why this Milingo Lungu was given fake immunity (;in blatant disregard of the law) to do coveat acts as these. When this matters started many aligned to ECL wildly claimed Madam Siyuni was being victimised and fired wrongly for giving Milingo immunity. Many of these men did not want this case proceed in the courts of law. Today we see them all for who they truly are.This was a syndicated theft by a league of friends.

  7. A Criminal Liquidator pursuing a Criminal Liquidator . They are both Criminals. But one criminal liquidator is Sacred…He is untouchable..He is a God. You touch him , Bull Dogs roar.
    Never leave a Criminal behind . he will turn up later as an Angel and send you into the dungeons over the same Criminal activities he was involved in …Zambian tales. Indeed bakolwe basekana ifipato!

  8. For sure former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu should be held accountable for the amounts involved are too huge to ignore. It shows that former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu had a big share in KCM liquidation process and thorough investigations be conducted to prove his innocence.

  9. Council employees are in salary arrears from 2019 in Zambia and someone is able to get his hands on such amounts of money in the same country leaves much to be desired. UKA must come clean on this issue.


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