Lungu’s son attempts to dodge cameras at court

Former president Edgar Lungu’s son, Dalitso brought some nursery school activity to the Lusaka Magistrates Court this morning as he engaged journalists in hide and seek games.

Dalitso was expected to appear before the Economic and Financial Crimes Court in a matter he is co-charged with his wife for possessing 69 motor vehicles worth over K24 million suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Appearing before Lusaka Chief resident magistrate Davies Chibwili, lawyer Charles Changano indicated that Dalitso and his wife Matilda Milinga were before court but it seemed the State was not ready as the charge sheet was not before court neither was the case cause listed.

Changano asked the court to guide on how to proceed but magistrate Chibwili declined, on reasons that he could not comment on something he does not know.

“The state had given this date to our client for allocation we seek your direction maybe you can give a guidance,” Changano said.

Magistrate Chibwili maintained that he would not deal with Dalitso and his wife as the indictment was not before court neither was he communicated to by the National Prosecutions Authority.

“I haven’t seen that case, it’s not even on the cause list, so I cannot make any comment on that, something I have not seen,” said magistrate Chibwili.

Changano asked the Court to excuse the corruption-accused couple and allow it to leave because the case recorded was not before court.

Magistrate Chibwili permitted Dalitso and his wife to leave.

As Dalitso left the court room, he was met by a swarm of waiting reporters with photographing and filming gadgets ready to shoot.

Although first lady Esther Lungu along with former PF Secretary General Davies Mwila had turned up to show solidarity, the scribes only seemed interested in Dalitso.

Noticing that he was the centre of attention, Dalitso attempted to hide behind his mommy but his towering height betrayed him and journalists were determined to have him on camera.

After noting the resolve of the media workers, Dalitso decided the best way to escape the nosy journalists was to run.

With half his face hidden behind a massive black mask, Dalitso embarked on a mini marathon in the corridors of the Magistrate Court leaving his sympathyers behind but with journalists in hot pursuit.

Once in the car park, Dalitso jumped into a rickety navy blue Toyota Corolla X-Salloon which has not been seized by the law enforcement agencies and was eventually joined by his wife before speeding off.

Out of the the 69 vehicles 21 are registered in Dalitso’s name while 48 are said to be registered under Saloid Traders Limited, a company he jointly owns with wife, Matilda.

According to police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, Daliso is facing an extra charge of money laundering involving K23,981,966.45.

Hamoonga revealed that all the offences were allegedly committed between September 17, 2017 and January 24, 2022.

The State has since moved a motion before the Economic and Financial Crimes Court (High Court Division) to have the said vehicles and 25 pieces of land confiscated on the premise that they were dubiously obtained.

CAPTION: Dalitso Lungu (in a black mask) surveys his route as he attempts to dodge cameras – Picture by Kalemba

By Mwaka Ndawa



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