Percy Chato

Former prisons boss responds to his successor

Percy Chato writes:

I am now in receipt of the letter dated 20th July 2020 where Dr. Chisela has stopped me from attending any Correctional Service functions.

Ok, maybe we could add one line. It’s only sad that the letter was first circulated in some sections of social media before I got it.

Considering the politically charged speech he issued in Monze recently, I am not surprised of the contents of the letter.

HOWEVER, I HAD NO INTENTION of soliciting any invitation to ATTEND THEIR FUNCTIONS. Moreover, I have no obligation or any attachment to the CORRECTIONAL SERVICE except for the BENEFITS THEY OWE ME.

Additionally, as a ZAMBIAN CITIZEN, I have a DEMOCRATIC RIGHT to belong to any political party of my CHOICE and I am a BONA FIDE member of the UPND.


Former Zambia Prisons Commissioner


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