Former SABC Broadcaster Chris Maroleng Deported From Zimbabwe Ahead Of Elections


Former SABC Broadcaster Chris Maroleng Deported From Zimbabwe Ahead Of Elections

Zimbabwean authorities have reportedly deported former SABC broadcaster and current SADC Executive Director of Good Governance Africa, Chris Maroleng, along with his three colleagues.

Maroleng had flown into the country on Tuesday to cover the upcoming elections scheduled for Wednesday.

The reasons behind the apparent ban on the prominent broadcaster remain undisclosed, as government spokespersons have not provided any official statement regarding the deportation.

Maroleng, who is also a public policy analyst and communication expert, claimed to have received permission to enter the country after meeting with Zimbabwean embassy officials in Pretoria.

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono, who closely followed the incident, revealed that Maroleng was scheduled to be flown out on the 4.15 PM Air Link jet on Thursday.

Good Governance Africa received a supporting letter from its Zimbabwean partner, Southern Africa Political and Economic Series (SAPES), led by renowned academic Ibbo Mandaza.

SAPES is known for hosting policy dialogue forums that bring together diplomats, civil society leaders, and activists to discuss governance-related issues.

Good Governance Africa, a research and advocacy non-profit organization with centers across the continent, is dedicated to improving governance in Africa.

This recent deportation of Maroleng is not an isolated incident, as Zimbabwe has witnessed the expulsion of international journalists before.

Nigerian journalist David Hundeyin was also deported from the country in July this year after immigration authorities questioned his entry into Zimbabwe without a visa.

2023 Zimbabwean General Election
Zimbabwe is gearing up for a significant event as the nation prepares to hold general elections on August 23, 2023. These elections will play a crucial role in determining the country’s future, as they will determine the President and members of both houses of Parliament.


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