By Fanny Kalonda

FATHER Richard Luonde has appealed for prayers from the nation, after having been unwell the last one month.

Fr Luonde, a UPND member, says he has had excruciating pain in the right leg, a condition that has kept him bedridden.

‘’Tell the nation that Fr Luonde Richard Scott has not been well for almost a month now. The right leg has been giving me hell, the pain I’ve been experiencing is unbearable. But I know my God I serve who is the Lord and God of our beautiful Zambia will always be there and has been there for me,’’ he told The Mast on Friday.

‘’May I thank the following people for standing with me in my painful experience I’m going through; I’ve been to Nchanga North Hospital, St Theresa Catholic Hospital in Luanshya. I’ve to be carried around like a child, I’ve to be driven around because my right leg cannot step on the car pedal; my heart pours out to Her Honour the Republican Vice-President Mrs WK Mutale Nalumango, Honourable Minister Charles Milupi (infrastructure), Honourable Minister Douglas Syakalima (education), my good friend and brother R J Akafumba (home affairs PS).’’

Fr Luonde who appealed for more prayers, further thanked several people that have reached out to him so far.

‘’My children, my nephew Chanda Kabwe, our UPND National [national] Chairperson Honourable [Stephen] Katuka, our able Copperbelt Minister Honourable [Elisha] Matambo and the Copperbelt UPND family too numerous to mention. Lastly, the medical staff at both Nchanga North Hospital in Chingola and St Theresa Catholic Hospital in Luanshya.

May the good Lord continue to bless you all our Zambia comes out first in all things. May I appeal and ask all Zambians to pray and unite in this Lentine period. Zambia awaits the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ who is, has and will continue to be in our hearts this Easter.’’


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