Frank Tayali doesn’t Deserve K450,000…without a full trial says PF Counsel George Chisanga

Patriotic Front Chairman Legal Hon George Chisanga

Frank Tayali doesn’t Deserve K450,000

…without a full trial says Counsel George Chisanga

From Hot FM-01.12.23

Governments decision to award Transport Minister Frank Tayali is not just illegal, it’s ´daylight robbery´ says State Counsel and Lukashya law maker George Chisanga.

Hon. Chisanga says, best case scenario, if Tayali had to get any compensation for looking into the barrel of a gun of an officer on duty illegally, he would have been paid nothing more than K150,000 after taxes.

“It stinks of corruption to award someone (Tayali) public funds over a matter that has not been fully adjudicated in the courts of law in full,” said hon. Chisanga, a former Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) President.

Hon. Chisanga was speaking on the heels of a ´confetti of consent judgements´ that have enriched exclusively, a drove of sympathisers of the ruling UPND government with the latest being Tayali who feels traumatised that a gun was pointed at him during a political encounter ahead of a political poll in 2021 as he supported current Zambian President H.E Hakainde Hichilema.

“Even the K80,000 award to hon. Tayali´s lawyers is wrong because you must ask what did they do? How many witnesses were called, how much of the courts time was wasted? If computations were done and guilt was established hon. Hon. Tayali would have not gotten anything beyond K150,000 and his lawyers even less, if he won because we don’t also know under what condition the officer with the gun was working. This is theft of taxpayer’s money…” Hon. Chisanga who has been at the bar for more than 30 years said on Hot FM.


Hon. Chisanga has warned Zambians to look out for ´tale tale´ signs of the Hichilema government deep desire to change the constitution and perpetuate their stay in office against the will of the people following their fast loss of popularity after the 2021 ´protest vote´.

The respected constitutional lawyer also urged Zambians to note that Zambians beyond the UPND family such as Stephen Kampyongo nine others, Emmanuel Mwamba, Fred M´membe, Raphael Nakachinda, Sean Tembo and others have been arrested and could sue too including hon Given Lubinda and others.

“This is not just a dangerous precedent but its against the law,” hon. Chisanga said who also accused President Hichilema and House Speaker Nellie Mutti of breaching the constitution of Zambia on recent political issues.

A cross section of Zambians have expressed dismay at the plethora of suspicious consent judgements the office of the Attorney General has awarded to supporters of President Hichilema that run-in billions of taxpayer’s monies.

Hon. Chisanga stated that hon. Mutti is no longer a fair ´umpire´ of the National Assembly, an affront on the legislator, she is apparently ´biased´ because she doesn’t allow free expression in the august house.

He concluded that if the PF was wrong and lost power in its governance, it doesn’t justify the UPND governments decision to repeat the same wrongs, it’s a recipe for loss for UPND.


  1. I would like to know what action has been taken against the policeman in question.Is it a new law dimension or are we setting precedence that when crime is committed the victim becomes a Lotto lucky punnter while the culprit simply walks away freely ?Is it wrong to suggest because of the precedence,all relatives of shot and killed Zambians must be compansated ?If not,why ?

    • If they were wrongfully killed by police who are the custodians of the law for the government, get a lawyer and sue the government. Police enforce the law on behalf of the government If government is liable they can be sued. Had it been government that looted members post. He can sue government. However, as we have it Mosho sold all the post assets and only he can answer questions about Mmembe’s assets. If Mmembe was liable for tax the best they could have done is charge his company for tax fraud. Mmembe is a fraudster and should be listened to by citizens.

  2. How much do you think the government will have to pay if they go full trial and how much will be paid. Your actions were committed in full day light and this is the day Nsama Nsama and Kaunda. The evidence is in the public domain and there’s no need to prove anything. Save the states money on laywers. I don’t understand how you had ended up at one becoming LAZ. It’s simple logic. Police in certain cases have what is called admission of guilty fine that they charge and they wouldn’t take you to court. You haven’t presented any logical arguments on why the court will fail to compensate the victims. Mind you the offender was the state that is legally charged with the responsibility of safe guarding the citizens.


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