Fred M’membe is  dangerous-  Laura Miti


By Laura Miti

I’ll  recognise Barotseland soon aft inauguration overtakes previous winners in the tell-them-anything-to-win contest:

1. All Zambian problems will be solved in 90 Days.

2. The $ will salute my inauguration by tumbling down.

Fred’s is characteristically both dizzy & dangerous


  1. Simple: It is about getting the key to the National CashTill to deep their kleptomaniac long fingers to loot, plunder and pillage. We have come to understand these simple one-eyed greedy and gluttonous Sea Pirates of Zambian Politicians. Nobody will beat the impeccable and sterling Record of Public Service of Super Ken (KK).

  2. Right on, Laura. Fred M’membe lacks the temperament to govern Zambia effectively. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying he cannot get elected. It’s possible for M’membe to get elected as President but governing the country effectively would be another kettle of fish altogether. There are two things I do not underestimate about voters. It’s their intelligence and also sheer stupidity. What I mean is that democracy is quite capable of producing a spurious election result. Adolf Hitler was after all elected to office.

  3. If this idiota gets anywhere near presidency then Chambia is finished forever. No resurrection will be possible.

  4. Fred Membe is just like Putin. He must never be allowed in the corridors of power. The man is toxic. He is a dictator of Putin type! Ask those that worked with him at Post Newspaper? He borrowed money to buy Zambian Airways and siphoned that money out. Zambian Airways collapsed! He has no success stories other than failures and bitterness plus hatred!


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