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Dr. Fred M'membe

Press Release

Contact : Mark Simuuwe
Position : UPND consultant
Cell : 0977178383/0975 704808


July 20th, 2023

LUSAKA – Fred M’membe is a joker trying to take advantage and incite street vendors to rise against a legitimate elected Government.

While it is true that removing of street vendors from Lusaka’s central business district (CBD) can be seen to be painful, it has been done in good faith that many people will later appreciate.

It’s like squeezing a bowl, yes, it is very painful the moment it is being squeezed, but the end result is pain-free and brings joy to the person who was once in pain and the benefits are immense to say the least.

Interestingly, Socialist Party President Fred M’membe agrees that there is nothing wrong with keeping a clean, green and healthy environment, he has failed to appreciate that this can only be achieved when people are fighting law and order which the New Dawn Administration followed to remove the vendors.

Mr M’membe must be aware that President Hakainde Hichilema, who he is castigating has empathy and more humane than him in that he planned before taking action.

It is therefore, unacceptable that Mr. M’membe should lose sight and want to agitate Street vendors to gain political mileage over an issue that has been handled in a professional and very peaceful manner.

How can Mr M’membe, who has not provided any options to the vendor problem, be in the forefront condemning a solid decision made by government?

Mr M’membe should be aware that there is no relationship between poverty and dirty, he must also be aware that street vendors are marketeers who deserve a decent trading area.

If all vendors are in one place (in markets) investors will provide facilities such as pre-schools for marketeer’s children, clean toilets and better social amenities for them.

Unlawful Street vending is still unlawful and ba M’membe knows about this too well!

Mr M’membe should not seek popularity by twisting the mind of Street Vendors to suit his his shallow mindedness.

There is everything right in cleaning the city to foster development and get a more organized way of trading and doing business.

In case Mr M’membe doesn’t know, a shopping mall is a market. So, why should malls be very clean and common markets remains empty and dirty?

Clearly, Mr M’membe is myopic because he does not understand the UPND agenda to bring sanity in the informal business world by encouraging SMEs profitability and growth in a more systematic way.

The Socialist party leader who harbours illusions about Mr Hichilema is myopic and if he has empathy which he seems to be preaching now why did he fail to have empathy on his employees at the defunct ‘The Post Newspapers’, who were embarrassed at NAPSA Headquarters when they attempted to get NAPSA’s 20 percent partial pensions?

Where is his empathy, and humanity if Mr M’membe could eat alone the benefits of his employees, failing to remit them to NAPSA?

Mr M’membe has no mercy over the suffering former employees of the POST NEWSPAPER, his past has shown that this is a man without compassion, kindness and love for the poor suffering Zambians.

The capitalist in a socialist skin knows tow well that joining politics is the greatest mistake he has ever made.



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