Fred M’membe Is Zambia’s Republican President In Waiting – Brian Hapunda

Brian Hapunda


SOCIALIST Party- SP Media Director, Brian Hapunda, has insisted that Dr. Fred M’membe will be in State House come 2026, saying he is Zambia’s President in waiting.

Hapunda states that M’membe has not given up on the race for Republican Presidency as insinuated by some media platforms allegedly operated by United Party for National Development-UPND stooges.

He says insinuations that M’membe has lost courage is fictitious and malicious, adding that it is part of the UPND propaganda which is under panic for failing to fulfil campaign promises.

Hapunda has reminded members of the ruling party who are boasting development that Constituency Development Fund-CDF financed projects being talked about will only be meaningful if seen as opposed to mere utterances.

He is confident that the UPND will be kicked out of office by Zambians in 2026 because they have subjected citizens to a high cost of living while patients are grappling with challenges of no medicine in public health facilities.

Hapunda adds that the Agriculture Sector has performed poorly under the UPND as most beneficiaries of the Farmer Input Support Programme-FISP, did not receive their allocations after being omitted from the list inaccurately.

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  1. If your stinking anus has a place you are referring to, then he is going to that particular stinking place as your STUPID IDIOT president. STUPID IDIOT.

  2. This is the biggest dreamer and biggest dream of the year. You think attacking HH everyday can win M’membe an election, zero, may be in another country not in Zambia. M’membe can’t win even in his home village, how can he win in the whole country? Even the disorganized PF will get more votes than SP. Come 2026, the man is a loser in waiting and you young man you will be quiet for good because you will have nothing to say as you see HH being sworn in for his second term. HH is still a darling the majorly Zambians and I am sure even you, you know it. Don’t let jealousy and hatred blind you.

    • To say HH is still a darling to the masses is an exaggeration and a bigger day dreaming than that of Hapunda.

  3. God forbid, that Marxist ogre can be the worst President Zambia has ever had. Under his watch Zambia can become a pariah state shunned by western investors. under his tyranical rule fundamental human rights will be violated with impunity.
    Zambians are not ready for that tyrant.

  4. Fred will never be President, it’s like saying the baboon will be President of the animal Kingdom .
    Idiots are allowed to dream.
    President Elect Kalaba WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT


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