Fred M’membe must never be given power if Zambia cares about its own good- Laura Miti

Fred M'membe
Fred M'membe

Laura Miti writes….

There are only 2 individuals who I have been convinced, at the core of my being, should never be given power, if Zambia cares about it’s own good.

The first did assume the ultimate office – President Michael Sata. He, as I had always predicted, set in motion the violent lawlessness that consumed the country for 10 years.

The second still wants power. It is Fred M’membe. What a monumental catastrophe it would be to put him in State House! Suffice to say he would be the most destructive leader the country has ever seen.

Way worse than the PF that in all it’s nonsense, had limits. Sata was a thug of a leader, but a nice guy.


I would rather have ECL, kaleza! May I be dead and buried before Zambia ever goes on such a suicidal mission.

I say this now, when a possible Fred M’membe presidency is not soon.


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