Fred M’membe under fire for his remarks on SADC report

Fred M'membe

Fred under fire for his remarks on SADC report

SP leader Dr Fred M’membe has come under fire on his Twitter page after denouncing President Hakainde Hichilema as attempting to export puppetry to Zimbabwe after his self-appointed head of the SADC Electoral Observation Mission Dr Nevers Mumba presented a preliminary report that has elicited anger from ZANU-PF.

Responding to his post on his Twitter handle, most commentators denounced his tweet.

Trigger Fyah was among those who disagreed with Dr M’membe tweeting: “You should be ashamed of yourself. The election had glaring and fatal irregularities and the report by SADC observers was actually mild compared to what was happening on the ground. We know this statement of yours was written by your ZANU PF masters but the ship has sailed.”

Moyo Gono stated: “M’membe, come to your senses, if ever you had senses. You want lies and not truth. You want us Zimbabweans to suffer at the hands of the oppressed? You tell me yu didn’t hear that police officers were asked to vote for ED Mnangagwa under watch? Is that what you advocate for?”

JM tweeted: “No real pan African looks the other way when elections are being rigged. I hope you never lead Zambia!!”

Yvonne Banda stated: “Problem is they think Pan Africanism is dictatorship, if that’s what pan African is all about then we will suffer.”

Sipho Phiri stated: “But Bwana Fred, its clear the irregularities are just too glaring for any sane person to deny that its horrifically shambolic. We also expect observers of our elections to be forthright…we can’t overlook rigging to keep the people we want.”

But responding to Phiri, Sir Hadley Shumbu retorted: “In Zimbabwe don’t advocate for homosexual,we vote according to our constitution not SADC guidelines.”

“The Herald newspaper is like the propaganda papers in Zambia like the Daily mail and Times of Zambia. You can never get an objective view. Watch what happened a few minutes ago when the CCC spokesperson was addressing the media,” added Leonard Lumbeta.


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