Free s3x earns Lusaka man beating


Free s3x earns Lusaka man beating

As people settle from the long weekend to nurse secret body parts that they misused over the long weekend, a disturbing video has emerged showing a man being disciplined by commercial sex workers.

In the said video, the ladies of the night who take turns to whip and kick the man, allege that he had sex with one of them.

Not that the sex he provided was mediocre, but that he failed to pay for the sex as he mistook the woman’s services for a free University of Zambia meal allowance.

As he cried “mawe, mawe, mawe!” with every crack of the belt the ladies unleash; the ladies keep urging the broke former client to remove all his clothes and walk away naked like Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Amidst the loud cries, the man pleads to be left at least with his boxers so that the sun does not spy on his private parts.

Being experts in fake mourning even to mediocre penetration, the women ignore the cries claiming he was faking it and continue the assault and undressing until all his clothes including a torn pair of socks is removed.

Meanwhile, sources to the matter claim that prior to the altercation and violence; the man had pleaded with the ladies to allow him time to make a partial NAPSA Withdraw so that he could pay but they didn’t buy the excuse saying he did not look like someone whose name has been on a payslip before.

In the meantime, police they can only take action on the matter if the assault victim makes a formal complaint.



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