From LA to Africa: South Africans Roast Nick Cannon Over Wild ‘N Out Africa Tour Gaffe


From LA to Africa: South Africans Roast Nick Cannon Over Wild ‘N Out Africa Tour Gaffe

Multi-talented United States entertainer Nick Cannon has set South Africa abuzz with excitement by revealing his plans to search for exceptional talent there.

Taking to his verified X (formerly Twitter) account, Cannon made a grand announcement, unveiling his upcoming tour of eight African countries, including multiple cities in South Africa.

Nick Cannon Announces Wild N Out Africa
The popular host of Wild ‘N Out disclosed that he would be touring Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Botswana, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, Somalia, Cape Town, and Johannesburg in search of the most outstanding comedians for his show.

In a spirited message to his followers, Nick Cannon declared his intention to bring Wild ‘N Out to Africa and urged them to tag the finest comedic talents from the countries he is scheduled to visit.

“Africa, are you ready?! We bringing Wildnout to the Motherland!! I’m looking for the funniest & most talented people on the Continent! Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Botswana, Ghana, Egypt , Morocco, Ethiopia, Somalia, Capetown and Johannesburg! What Country has the best comedians? We are about to find out! Tag them, comment & Repost! We casting now!!! #WildnOutAfrica,” Nick Cannon posted on his account.

South Africans Correct the Blunder

While some individuals diligently tagged their favourite comedians, some South Africans took exception to Nick Cannon’s mention of cities within South Africa and not the country itself. They politely corrected Cannon, highlighting that Cape Town and Johannesburg are cities within South Africa, not separate countries. Here are a few comments:


I don’t know if South Africa will have a good representation because the entire country struggles to express themselves in English. Only Trevor Noah and Eugene Khoza can… You might have to exclude South Africa bro 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️


Sorry sir, Cape Town and Johannesburg are not countries but cities in a country called South Africa


If you want it lively and classy host in South Africa, 🇿🇦(they’re closer to mimicking your ways), comedic and entertaining-Nigeria🇳🇬(along with positive energy and massive turnout ),rap Dissing and bars-Ghana🇬🇭(Content)I honestly don’t know much about the other countries


You guys do know Capetown and Johannesburg are in one country called South Africa, right?


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