From Promises to Prayers: Malawi’s social-economic woes under Reverend Chakwera’s rule


By Jones Twink Gadama

Since President Lazarus Chakwera assumed office in Malawi, hopes were high for a new era characterized by progress, development, and improved quality of life for the citizens.

However, as time has passed, it has become evident that President Chakwera has struggled to fulfill his promises, leaving many to question the effectiveness of his administration. In a recent turn of events, the President joined the faith-based community in a prayer gathering for the nation, highlighting the mounting social woes Malawi is facing under his leadership.

Broken Promises

When President Chakwera was inaugurated, he made numerous promises regarding key issues affecting Malawi’s social fabric. These included tackling corruption, improving healthcare, providing quality education, and addressing unemployment. Unfortunately, as time has progressed, these promises seem to have been empty rhetoric without substantial action to back them up.

Stagnation in Economic Growth

One of the prime concerns for any country is its economic growth and development. However, Malawi has continued to struggle under President Chakwera’s rule, experiencing little to no improvement in the economy. Despite pledges to attract foreign direct investment, create job opportunities, and boost industries, the country’s economic indicators have remained stagnant, exacerbating the already widespread poverty.

Rising Unemployment

Unemployment rates have steadily increased in Malawi, with many young graduates struggling to find gainful employment. President Chakwera’s administration has pledged to create thousands of jobs, but these promises have materialized more as wishful thinking rather than tangible opportunities for the populace. As a result, frustrated youths, driven by desperation, are often left with limited choices, leading to social unrest and crime.

Persistent Corruption

Corruption has long plagued Malawi’s governance and hindered its progress. President Chakwera’s efforts have seemingly fallen short despite vowing to root out corruption. High-profile corruption cases remain unresolved, and little progress has been made in establishing effective anti-corruption mechanisms. This failure to tackle corruption has eroded public trust in the government, leaving citizens disillusioned.

Strained Healthcare System

Malawi’s healthcare infrastructure and services remain underwhelming, with inadequate access to quality healthcare for the general population. President Chakwera promised to prioritize healthcare and improve the delivery of essential services. However, the health sector continues to face challenges such as underfunding, lack of medical supplies, and inadequate healthcare facilities. This has further strained the already vulnerable healthcare system, especially in rural areas.

President Chakwera’s tenure in Malawi has fallen short of delivering on the promises that inspired hope during his election campaign. As societal problems persist and worsen, the President’s recent participation in a prayer gathering with the faith-based community serves as a stark reminder of the administration’s inability to effectively address the country’s pressing issues. Malawi’s social woes continue to grow under President Chakwera’s rule, leaving citizens to question whether prayers alone can bring about the change they urgently need.



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