The Inspiring Journey of Princess Kasune

Princess Kasune’s recent appointment as Zambia’s first-ever female Minister of Justice marks a historic milestone worthy of applause. Her remarkable journey from a double orphan, teenage mother at age 18, and school dropout to a national leader embodies hope, resilience, and determination. As the saying goes, “you can count the number of seeds in a fruit but you cannot count the number of fruits in a seed.”

Kasune was born on January 6, 1976, and her early life was fraught with challenges. At the tender age of 17, she lost both her parents to HIV, a devastating blow that drastically altered the course of her life. Just a year later, she faced another significant life-altering event: teenage pregnancy. Forced to drop out of school in grade 11, Kasune’s future seemed uncertain.

Despite these setbacks, Kasune’s indomitable spirit led her back to education. She returned to school, determined to complete her studies, and finished grade 12 with distinctions. Her academic achievements didn’t stop there; she pursued higher education relentlessly. Kasune now holds two master’s degrees—one in Nonprofit Administration from North Park University School of Business in Chicago, USA, and another in Divinity from North Park Theological Seminary. She is currently working towards her PhD in Gender Studies at UNZA.

Kasune’s contributions extend beyond academia. She was part of the delegation that met with former US President George W. Bush, leading to the approval of a US$15 billion fund for HIV and AIDS. This accomplishment underscores her commitment to fighting the very disease that claimed her parents’ lives and impacted her own.

In 1997, Kasune shared a personal revelation on her Facebook page: she had been diagnosed with HIV. Rather than letting this define her, she used her status to advocate for others, stepping into the political arena driven by a desire to make a tangible difference. Without any political pedigree or lineage, she was elected as a Member of Parliament for Keembe in 2016, a testament to her tenacity and the trust placed in her by the people.

Kasune’s appointment as Minister of Justice is not merely a personal triumph but a symbolic victory for every Zambian who dares to dream. She emphasized this in a heartfelt message on Facebook, addressing her story to teenage mothers, school dropouts, individuals living with HIV, and anyone who has faced rejection or doubted their worth.

“This is for you, teenage mother like I was once at 18 years of age, to all the school dropouts as I once was in grade 11, to all the HIV-positive people as I was once in 1997, to all those who were once told you will never amount to anything, to all who came to politics without any pedigree, to all the young girls and boys out there especially those who were once orphaned like me, a double orphan at 17 years losing both parents to HIV and AIDS, to all the women of Zambia, to all the once rejected,” Kasune wrote on Facebook.

Her story is a powerful reminder of the strength and potential within each person, regardless of their background or circumstances. It is a call to action for those who face similar challenges, encouraging them to persevere and strive for greatness.

Kasune’s life and career illustrate the profound impact of resilience and education. Her achievements in both personal and professional spheres serve as an inspiration to many, demonstrating that even the most formidable obstacles can be overcome with determination and hard work.

As she steps into her role as Minister of Justice, Kasune brings a wealth of experience, empathy, and a deep understanding of the struggles faced by many Zambians. Her unique perspective is expected to drive significant progress in the justice sector and beyond.

Her story, as documented by Betterdaysarecoming, is not just about her personal success but about breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations. It highlights the importance of representation and the transformative power of leadership driven by compassion and commitment.

Princess Kasune’s journey from adversity to achievement is a beacon of hope. It serves as a testament to the possibilities that arise when one refuses to be defined by their circumstances and instead uses their experiences to effect positive change.

In her new role, Kasune is poised to continue her advocacy on a larger scale, championing the rights and aspirations of all Zambians. Her legacy will undoubtedly inspire many to believe in their potential and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

Hon. Princess Kasune is also the author of her autobiography “Warrior Princess,” published in 2010 and available in other languages such as German and Korean. A warrior indeed!



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