Fuel increase to K37, the State playing mind games- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba


By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Fuel increase to K37, the State playing mind games

Remember they work with the Tony Blair Institute and Brenthurst Foundation as part of the State House Advisory team.

My guess is that there is a fuel increase on the way. It maybe K32-K34.

But their rogue media from State House started parroting a big announcement, an unreasonable price increase of K37.

Wouldn’t you wonder why State House is making such an unofficial announcement undermining the Energy Regulations Board?

This so that when the actual amount is stated, it may appear like a reduction in the minds of the people.

They are preparing you for your shock absorption of this unreasonable and continued rise in fuel and other goods and services.

Mind games!

However, don’t fall for the proganda.
If its K37 per litre, that will spell disaster for them.

If it’s K34 that’s still remains high from the K17 they found it at.

An increase is likely coming and the increase will remain unaffordable for our people.

Remember the story of the chicken…pluck all its feathers..while bleeding and mourning, it will graciously take food from the torturer, and assume it’s a kindness gesture.

Further read; “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism”.

It is a 2007 book by the Canadian author and social activist Naomi Klein.


  1. It is clear you do not have the best interests of Zambians at heart. You want Zambians to suffer so that through their suffering you might become relevant. This will not happen. You had your chance, you messed it up.

    For you politics is a vehicle for self enrichment, not for service. As long as this remains your modus operandi, you have no place in leadership at any level.

  2. Even if its K40, we will still be buying. There’s nothing wrong with increament. You will never find in the world where commodities will always remain at the same price unchanged. We are in the world of technology where a lot of things have come to change in the name of developing.
    So just work and stop thinking that somebody will ease your life. You’re on your own and you must learn to be self reliant

    • Intact even at K50 we will buy, how do people expect fuel to be cheap as if we make even spoon full of fuel in Zambia? It is high time we worked together and start buying fuel from Angola or make it anyway.

    • And dola was at K6 they pushed it to K22 in 2021, so what ever nonsense they did that pushed these things up can’t take a night to correct them. We are just lucky we have a selfless president and hardworking otherwise it was going to take more than 20years to fix this. If as Zambians we can for once see things with 1 eye and push ourselves together in one direction and just purnish ourselves it can take 1 or 2 years the situation can go back to Mwanawasa, but we foolish politicians who keep on playing on minds of the ignorant population and make the situation worse

  3. Yes it’s mind games…cooked from Adolf Hitler’s propaganda menu. Dangle some outrageous rise in fuel price, create an impression that ERB actually wants to increase the price to K37…then enter the superman, the all wise and considerate Great Leader, he intervenes and price goes up by a “modest ” K3. Praises to the Wonder working great Leader! And the Megaphones at Zambia Daily Mail and ZNBC offcourse ready with screaming headlines…and editorials justfying the modest rise in fuel prices!.Oil pipelines on the way bla bla bla.

  4. This is very dangerous guess work or speculation.

    Mr Bwamba you are inciting citizen to demonstrate based on guess work and the malice in your heart?

    Offer alternative solutions instead of praying that HH is kicked out. The man has the mandate and the people behind him. You mess with him, you mess with the people, the nation.

    Even if he is kicked out, Zambians can never bring back Lungu and PF.


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