Samuel Banda


. . says the UPND’s lack of governance vision is worrisome

Friday… April 1 2022 (Smart Eagles)

It is suicidal and lack of compassion for the Zambian people for government to increase fuel to unprecedented price in the history of this country, the Advocates for National Development and Democracy (ANDD) has charged.

Organization executive director, Samuel Banda says it is a shock that President Hakainde Hichilema has made a u turn on most of his campaign promises.

“He showed us a well calculated table on how, if voted into power, he will bring down the price of fuel. What has happened to that promise, what has happened to his master plan to reduce the cost of living?” Mr Banda has questioned.

He has said in a statement that the UPND government should realise now that running government is not child’s play, but a serious business which requires transparency, accountability, morality and consistency.

” President Lungu should be consulted without a feeling of guilt or shame on some of these issues which seem to be a problem with the UPND on how government operates because he has been there and understands many governance issues ” he said.

He said the unprecedented fuel increase will undoubtedly result into a higher cost of living and economic instability which will unfortunately affect the most vulnerable sucha s women and the youths who are already jobless.

Mr Banda has since asked president Hichilema to work around modalities on how to reduce the cost of fuel as a matter of urgency so that Zambia can once again have a predictable developmental tragectory unlike what is happening now were most citizens do not even know where their next meal will come from as a result of increase of basic commodities.

“Numerous issues such as medicine shortages, joblessness, high cost of living and doing business should be treated as a matter of urgency by the new dawn government” Mr Banda has further observed.


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