Fugitive Kaizer Zulu Keeps Changing Residences, Court Told

Kaizer Zulu


A court has heard that former presidential political adviser Kaizar Zulu is still missing and that he has been changing places where he resides.

An arresting officer told a magistrate that the accused, who has been at large since mid-last year, has been changing places of abode, making it difficult to locate him and execute a bench warrant against him so that he can be brought to court.

Friday Malimakau, a Department of Immigration officer, asked Lusaka magistrate Sylvia Munyinya for more time to locate the accused.

This is in a case the former political advisor to immediate past President Edgar Lungu is facing two counts of failing to appear before the nearest immigration officer and failing to surrender a diplomatic passport.

Zulu pleaded not guilty to the allegations but after several witnesses testified against him, magistrate Munyinya found him with a case to answer and placed him on his defence last year, May.

The former Ministry of Home Affairs deputy permanent secretary was then placed him on his defense which he should have opened in June this year but the accused has been on the run and an arrest warrant hangs on his head.

A team of law enforcers was constituted to search for Kaizar whose sureties are also part of the search party.

When the case resumed yesterday for return of bench warrant, the arresting officer and surety informed the court that the accused is still at large and the search for him is still ongoing.

“Mr Zulu is still at large. The search has continued. There are indicators that he has been changing places of abode your honour. We beg for more time to continue with the search your honour,” Mr Malimakau informed the court.

And Chilubi Member of Parliament Mulenga Fube, who is one of Zulu’s sureties, asked for more time to locate the accused person, who is needed in court.

The matter was consequently adjourned to February 15 this year.



  1. Cage the persons that signed his bond. We seem to be thering on an issue that the courts should be second guessing and waiting for opinions. Like in the case of Chitimbala the law worked. When people think they can slither their way out of crimes, we create the perception that some people are above the law.
    Now you are asking the Swedish ambasador to cite corruption yet corruption is perception.

  2. You were busy insulting me on LT I told you that you are a fugitive you need to be fished out my advice to you KZ just come out and face your crimes at list your soul will be at peace and free you can’t keep on hiding in the corners.Face your charges as they are eventually you will get bail after that behave yourself you are a family man you are troubling your kids and wife.

  3. You will keep on adjourning until government changes and a more friendly person to kaizer takes over and all cases are dropped. The best way to get him is to lock up sureities until he avails himself. See how the family members of sureities produce him fast fast after they are locked up. The magistrate is too lenient.

  4. This was all planned as a way of getting Mr. Zulu off the hook. The surities knew that he would run and disappear and lie low until the conditions are right for him to come back.

    It worked for one Henry Banda (I am sure he is back in the country and roaming the streets freely). The law in Zambia is for the poor. The rich and politically connected always get away.

    Such is the nature of justice in Zambia. Mr. Zulu caused so much much grief to so many people during the reign of PF.


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