Gabon Opposition Leader Calls Military to Review Election Results


Gabon’s coup seems to have provided a glimmer of hope to the country’s primary opposition party. The party expressed its gratitude to the military for resisting what it termed an “electoral coup.” In addition, it appealed to the armed forces to finalise the tabulation of votes from the recent general elections, asserting that the outcomes would reveal opposition leader Ondo Ossa‘s triumph in the poll.

The military took control in Gabon shortly after the now-ousted President Ali Bongo was declared the winner of the presidential election, amid allegations of result manipulation. These figures indicated a 30.77 per cent vote share for Ossa, in contrast to Bongo’s 64.27 per cent.

Following the takeover, the military invalidated the election outcomes and dissolved all governing bodies. On Thursday, the military disclosed that General Brice Oligui Nguema would be inaugurated as the “President of the Transition.” However, the duration of this transitional period was not specified.

Ossa’s platform, Alternance 2023, has also invited the military to engage in discussions concerning the current situation within a “patriotic and responsible framework.” The party expresses optimism that through collaboration, they can identify the most effective resolution for the nation, fostering its resurgence.


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