Minister of Local Government and rural development Garry Nkombo has given traders at COMESA market in Lusaka who have erected makeshift stores along the road up to Sunday to voluntarily demolish the structures.

Mr Nkombo who in the company of Lusaka town clerk Alex Mwansa toured the market this morning, is saddened by the illegal setup of makeshift stores along the road and beneath high voltage ZESCO power lines.

He notes that in case of an inferno at the market, fire engines would find it difficult to access the market because the makeshift stores have blocked the roads, a situation he says cannot be tolerated.

Mr Nkombo has since warned against the illegal allocation of trading spaces on undesignated portions.

And some traders at COMESA market complained to the minister of harassment by some cadres who are collecting money for trading space allocation.

They told the minister that cadres are still existing in the market.
The minister in his response urged the traders to identify the alleged cadres and report them to his office.



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