The UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution endorsing the international community’s solidarity and support for operations of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestine refugees.

The passes resolution, also called on Israel to stop obstructing the UNRWA’s operations and allow safety of UNRWA personnel and installations.

As expected, Zambia didn’t participate in the vote. They stayed away. They did not even have the confidence and courage to vote. What happened yesterday when this vote was being taken was as good as Zambia not being present in the UN General Assembly Hall.

In other words, Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his corrupt puppet regime do not see the need and urgency for the UNRWA work force to have safe access into Gaza and be able to assist the dying civilians? They are happy with the status quo- the bloodshed, pain and misery.

Mind you, before Mr Hichilema and the UPND came into office, Zambia has always voted for the right and interests of the Palestinian people at the UN General Assembly. But presently, there is a foreign policy shift, which has not been officially announced by the current government. This is extremely reckless and dangerous!

We have said it before and we are saying it again, can Mr Hichilema immediately stop this “cut and paste puppetry diplomacy or foreign policy” and return the country to its traditional “principle- based diplomacy or foreign policy”. There is no doubt that Zambia’s security, integrity and dignity rests in us sensibly returning to the above foreign policy charter – principle- based diplomacy.

Our continued abstention on the Gaza humanitarian crisis at the UN General Assembly is a dangerous policy and direction with far- reaching consequences especially with our allies in the Sub – Saharan region, in the global South and generally, all global progressive, peaceful and neutral forces that have trusted, respected and supported us.

Without a doubt, our diplomatic naivety on the Gaza conflict will not only cost us a greatly but will escalate the silent but systematic isolation we are currently facing in the region, on the continent and globally.

Even more worrying is the intelligence information we have gathered that Zambia has endorsed the decision to scrap off Palestine from the list of beneficiaries of UNESCO programs; and that the US government has instructed Zambia to sponsor a decision for the African Union to admit and grant Israel an observer status at the AU, at next year’s AU summit in Addis Ababa.

It’s worth noting that South Africa has already threatened to pull out of the AU if Israel is admitted into the AU. So where does Mr Hichilema’s diplomatic naivety and puppetry leave us in the region and on the continent? It is clear that our continuation of this “cut and paste puppetry foreign policy framework” is making the region and the continent to gang up against us. And the question is, will Zambia survive this rejection and isolation?

Already, there are regional and continental antics being played on Zambia. Some countries in the region are conveniently shifting on agreed undertakings, including those adopted by regional and continental blocs like SADC and AU to disadvantage Zambia, which is currently seen as untrustworthy and treacherous in diplomatic circles.

And as long as we continue with this “cut and paste puppetry foreign policy” our highly skilled and experienced professionals’ candidature will never receive the support of our erstwhile allies or get elected to serve in regional, continental and transcontinental bodies. We shall remain rejected and isolated for obvious reasons.

In fact, this is already in motion and Zambian candidates vying for positions in regional, continental and global bodies are failing to get the endorsements of our traditional allies, and consequently tumbling in elections. It always starts small before it becomes a bigger problem.

Let Mr Hichilema correct this foreign policy error before he drags our country into the abyss of rejection and isolation.

Zambia has always been a pioneer of international solidarity and support for worthy causes such as the Gaza conflict so what inhumane logic is Mr Hichilema applying and for what benefit is it to the country?

This country needs to get back to its natural league of empathetic and progressive nations.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. I thought Zambia is non- alignment.
    The other time Zambia voted on the Russia/ Ukraine war was criticized. And now you still criticise . Does opposition means “Opposing everything good or bad?

  2. I have never seen a more confused person than Mr. Mmembe. Sometimes he wants Zambia to be non aligned and on other times he wants it take sides, what kind of person is he? If he is so undecided on such simple matters, how can he handle complex economic and socioeconomic matters?

  3. Yes it’s better to have Israel as a freind than HAMAS what can you benifit from them Mr mumembe?savagery??
    Get lost with your hypocritical behaviour!!

  4. Mmembe is a dangerous man. I pity those following him especially those who where mature in the run up to the return to multi party politics. Every Zambian President has been his enemy except Sata. He spews hatred. I pray that our young people discern genuine opposition from hatred. Even late Mazoka was his enemy calling his party a bantustan party. The rich socialist. Awe mwandi

  5. Our politicians are dull mwe.

    No one seems credible to take over in 2026 to save Zambia from conmen and liars.

    I think only God can intervene coz this one has dug his heels in, literally. He wants to be life president.

  6. M’membe is unhinged, and lacks leadership, capacity and integrity to lead. When someone stop paying tax and pockets workers contributions towards retirement, then you just know that the criminality is at the highest level.


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