GBM, Kambwili Were Welcomed Back After Leaving Cause Politics Is A Game Of Numbers….no Individual Is Bigger Than PF- Greyford Monde

Greyford Monde


….no individual is bigger than PF – Greyford Monde

Lusaka, Saturday, March 11, 2023 ( Smart Eagles)

Patriotic Front (PF) Presidential Candidate Greyford Monde has maintained that no individual is bigger than the party.

Hon Monde said not even the candidates vying for the party President position can claim to be bigger than the PF.

He has however cautioned against using divisive terms such as ‘True Green’ and ‘Hijackers’.

Hon Monde said the moment an individual joins the PF, he becomes a Green Regardless of where they came from.

He said the PF believes in numbers and accommodates everyone.

He states that it is the more reason some individuals who had left, some of whom are even contesting the PF President position were welcomed back into the party.

Speaking when he featured on Millennium TV yesterday, Hon Monde said it is either one is a member of PF or not.

“With or without some of the People on the Presidential list, the PF will not die. Even if the nine of us left, the PF will still be stronger. It is not about one individual. The PF is stronger than any individual,” Hon Monde said.

He is optimistic that once the process of selecting a new party leader is over, the PF will remain a strong party.

“PF is beyond a person. Those who will accept a leader are those who will vote in 2026. Anyone who thinks like that must be realistic. If I’m not chosen and I decide to leave the party, how will that kill the PF. So is the case to any candidate,” he said.

He said as opposed to demeaning other candidates in the intra party elections, unity must prevail.

“When they start reminding you about your past, just know they feel threatened. Even the founder member of the party Came from MMD. Even Hon GBM in 2006 he was contesting under the MMD in Kabwata. So Everyone is a true green the moment they decide to join. Green is green. Those who have moves from the BLUE MMD, immediately they join the PF they become a green. So no one should suggest that there are special people who are supposed to head the party. Does it mean that only those who were there during formation of the party should vie for positions.,” he said.


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